COVID-19: Virus or Cyanide and Roundup(R) in the Air?


Opinion: Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation August 29, 2020

                                   Please watch and share this urgently important video.

this article is remarkably short and simple: I find the above video medically and scientifically compelling  since nothing about the way COVID-19 deaths take place suggests that the culprit is a virus – nothing, that is, except the ceaseless drumbeat of the mind-numbing propaganda.
But what if COVID-19 merely unmasks vulnerability to dangerous air pollution? That would mean we are treating the disease wrong and killing people through that treatment. And if the real cause of these pulmonary and vascular injuries is rampant air pollution, then the rush to vaccinate, [exterminate?] is beyond absurd.

You do not vaccinate against pollution: you stop it.
Analysis: What Dr. Bush has to say makes extremely good sense to me at first blush and deserves serious consideration. IF we are dealing with biological collapse in the presence of deadly levels of cyanide and small particulates (less than 2.5 microns), then the idea of a vaccine against a non-causative virus, bio-engineered or not, is even more absurd and dangerous. that it otherwise seems.

Is CoVid really an air pollution injury?

2 thoughts on “COVID-19: Virus or Cyanide and Roundup(R) in the Air?

  1. I have pix to share of the sodium cyanide trucks heading down from the high country in CO. one after another.
    Heading east on HWY 24 from the Fairplay area thru Woodland Park and to????????????
    There are massive underground facilities in the Hoosier Pass area, and all around the South Park area. This is where I believe the trucks are Gigantic “power” lines & towers going to ??? nowhere it would seem. look south from the hwy 9 at the county rd. 112. Follow them on (g-earth) they go nowhere…….also county rd 4 off of the 9 near the bottom of Hoosier pass.
    Look up Linninger Lake off of county rd. 58 on the east/north side of Kenosha Pass. Supposedly just a private fishing club with mall cabins. RIGHT! ANYWAY…………

  2. Sirio Quintero is from Venezuela has worked in research centers in several countries and knows the secret, all vaccines carry parasites and larvae that produce various types of AIDS

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