COVID Test Refusal Letter

Sample Letter Refusing COVID Test
This Letter is a Sample Which Has
Come to Our Attention
It is Not a Substitute for Individualized
Medical and Legal Advice

A number of Open Source Truth readers have expressed concern regarding COVID declared pandemic medical testing since such tests are not accurate yet may trigger various consequences, such as quarantine orders or involuntary hospitalization, under emergency regulations in various states.

Rima E. Laibow, MD’s article on refusing COVID testing here:

For further information about COVID testing failure see Dr. Rima’s article here:


I have a [TYPE OF SERVICE] appointment currently scheduled at your [TYPE OF MEDICAL FACILITY]. The appointment is for [DATE] with an arrival time of [TIME].

I have been informed by your office that COVID/Coronavirus testing is required by your facility, based on regulations of the State of [STATE].

While medical facilities may be required to screen staff and patients for symptoms of COVID-19, invasive testing is not reasonably necessary to protect patients.  Symptom assessment, not testing, is reasonably necessary.

Further, the Joint Statement of the American College of Surgeons, the American Society of Anaesthesiologists, Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses and American Hospital Association,, explicitly states,

“Frequency and timing of patient testing (all/selective). Patient testing policy should include accuracy and timing considerations to provide useful preoperative information as to COVID-19 status of surgical patients, particularly in areas of residual community transmission. If such testing is not available, consider a policy that addresses evidence-based infection prevention techniques, access control, workflow and distancing processes to create a safe environment in which… [services] can occur. If there is uncertainty about patients’ COVID-19 status, PPE appropriate for the clinical tasks should be provided …”

It is common knowledge that no such accurate testing is available so the second provision must be followed.

Currently, the PCR tests have clinical sensitivity rates of between 66-80%, meaning that their ability to detect the virus in clinical samples is well below scientific standards for reliable clinical testing (commonly agreed to be at least 95%), meaning that nearly 1/3 of all infected people tested negative. (false negatives) while the rate of false positive results is even higher.  In March a PubMed note of a Chinese study indicated possible 50% false positives –  In May Science Daily reported the false negatives may reach 20% –

Since the tests have been shown repeatedly to be so inaccurate as to be meaningless, and since there is no medical privacy possible, once test ‘results’ are obtained, in violation of HIPPA requirements, because of intrusive tracking requirements, with access to my medical records on an unannounced basis, I feel I must refuse testing to protect my medical privacy, but will be happy to submit to appropriate clinical examination at the time my appointment is scheduled, and will allow my temperature to be taken, lungs to be listened to and other appropriate, non-invasive examination procedures to be carried out in an appropriate manner if the facility wishes to ascertain that I am still symptom-free at that time.

If I do not hear from you to the contrary, I will arrive for the scheduled appointment and look forward to receiving medical services..

It is my intention to have your facility provide medical services, but it is not my intention to take any Corona Virus tests in the absence of symptoms of the condition, based on my legally protected Right of Informed Consent.

Thank you for honoring my assertion of my Right of Informed Consent in this matter.