Don’t Want COVID Vaxx? Refuse Testing!

Don’t Want COVID Vaxx? Refuse Testing!

Resist. Refuse. Raise Your Voice!

A Message from Rima E Laibow MD

This is a true story – mine, in fact – about why I am refusing COVID-19 testing. You should, too, unless you like gene-editing vaccines designed to link you to a global AI net forced into your body. I don’t.

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Now, about testing:

A year ago I went to get new glasses. The ophthalmologist told me that I had cataracts in both eyes that needed to be removed.

I did not point out to her that a short time before I had been exposed to a high energy device’s output and the cataracts had developed virtually overnight. First, she probably would offer me an anti-psychotic medication (despite the fact that it was totally accurate) and, second, the cause of the cataracts was immaterial: if I had them, they needed to be removed.

I told her that I would come back in 3 months to see how they responded to natural treatment by my physician, a Naturopath. She agreed. When I returned 3 months later, glancing casually at my eyes (without the use of instrumentation), she sniffed that they were no better and that I still needed surgery.

I went to another eye doctor. He agreed that I had cataracts that needed to be removed in both eyes. Were they better? Worse? Who knows, but cataracts were still there and needed to be removed.

I put off the surgery for another 3 months to continue my natural regimen.

Then the COVID-19 Plannedemic hit and elective surgical centers closed down.

The surgery was delayed. And delayed. And delayed.

On April 22, the Governor of this State said that surgical centers could reopen and the one in which I am supposed to be operated on will open on June 1.

Great. I have an appointment for surgery on the first eye on June 2. BUT only if I “test negative” to COVID-19. If not, I have to self quarantine for 14 days and retest.

Not happening. No way. Here’s why:

You might think that a test would be harmless. After all, it’s just a nasal swab or a bit of blood. What’s the harm in that?


First of all, the consequences of testing are unknown. IF you have a positive test result, does that mean that you are now immune and can travel and go back to work and resume your life safely for you and others? No, not at all.

IF you have a negative result, does that mean that you are vulnerable to the disease and could get it or that you should be quarantined ‘for your own good’ or prevented from certain activities? No, not at all.

IF you have a positive or negative test result, does that mean that we know what your COVID-19 status is and can make predictions about your health and vulnerability in any way that is meaningful? No, not at all.

ALL of the tests are horrifyingly inaccurate, whether we are talking about —

– The PCR test for viral fragments in your body (which is not sensitive to THIS corona virus, but tests for ALL corona viruses — and they are ubiquitous)

– The antibody tests (which are incredibly unreliable according even to the FDA which gave blanket approval to all of them based on the assurance of the companies that their test was reliable despite no confirmatory evidence of that assertion)

– The antigen tests which are as unreliable as the others for the same reasons.

The number of false positives (You are told you are positive but are really negative) and false negatives (You are told you are negative but are really positive) in each category of each test is absolutely staggering. The tests, all of them, are statistically and medically meaningless. Just

Any clinical test which is inaccurate more than 5% of the time is considered unreliable and worthless. The unreliable results of these tests reach as high as 80%+ false positives and 15% false negatives.Any clinical test which is inaccurate more than 5% of the time is considered unreliable and worthless.

Just yesterday Science Daily reported the false negatives may reach 20% –

But WAIT! it really does get worse.

The consequences of a positive or negative test far exceed the health misinformation which might mislead you to make poor choices for your personal situation – or your child’s.

The social consequences, such as being forced to take a gene-editing, experimental vaccine based on a test that has no clinical validity, or being prohibited from free and unrestricted movement, or being forced to take drugs you do not want to take, or prevented from receiving treatment that you do want, or being removed from your home and confined for an unspecified period go on and on and on.

My choice is to refuse to be tested for a Plannedemic virus which has been foisted upon us, globally, I believe, to take control of our liberties, our monies, our movements and, most important, our bodies.

What are we when our liberties, our monies, our movements and our bodies are controlled? The ancient, simple and accurate description of humans in that condition is “SLAVE”.

So, no, thanks, ever so much. Yes, I need the cataract surgery. No, I will not have it at the Catalina Surgery Center if they refuse to honor my decision to withhold Informed Consent to being tested.

Here is the letter which I have presented to them adapted for more general use (please alter it to suit your needs) and either sign it for yourself or, if possible, reach out to a good doctor who understands the issues , actually has a backbone and will write you a Medical Exemption letter.

Seek medical and legal counsel if you are unsure of your rights to say no to this absurd and highly dangerous, medically worthless testing.

If you have any questions, and we certainly understand that you may, join the Open Source Truth Forum at this link to leave your question on the Informed Consent Chat:

Please understand that we can only respond generically.

And if you have specific questions about your Right of Informed Consent about vaccination, please visit

The sample letter text is here:

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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