Democratic New York Lawmaker Wants Health Insurers To Deny Coverage For Unvaccinated

A Democratic New York state legislator has announced his plan for introducing a bill that will permit health insurers to deny coverage to the unvaccinated for claims related to COVID infection.

State Assemblyman Patrick Burke of Buffalo wrote on his Twitter account Tuesday that his proposal would allow health insurance providers to consider COVID-19 vaccination status in making decisions on paying claims for medical costs.

Burke said that people should “do your part or pay your way” and added, “freedom isn’t free.”

His statements in favor of creating a medical caste system in the United States was met with opinion from many commenters who pointed out that he has pleaded for “free” universal healthcare in the past.

Burke tweeted earlier this year that it is a “national shame” that patients should have to pay for healthcare, adding that “every American should have the right” to quality healthcare. That statement was made about a reported story of a young girl in Alabama who raised her medical bills.

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald responded to Burke by mocking his plan to “empower insurance companies to deny coverage to people” as typical “progressive compassion and empathy.”

Journalist and podcaster Tim Pool commented on Burke’s proposal by observing that “health care is not a right.” He suggested sarcastically that next Burke might be ordering “fat people” to lose weight to get healthcare.

Burke made a rather inadequate response to his critics by saying that he was not in favor of “a denial of care” but an “option to deny coverage.” He did not explain if there is any actual difference between those two terms.

He added that choosing to receive the vaccine is not a “virtue” but is the “only decent thing to do.” Of course, he also did not acknowledge that valid reasons exist for not being vaccinated, including the experimental nature of the vaccines and the prevalence of natural immunity through prior infection. Burke certainly overlooked any religious or moral reasons for not wanting to accept the vaccine that has used aborted fetal tissue in its development and production.

Burke’s bill has not yet been introduced or published for public review.


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