20 thoughts on “Dr. Rima Video: Doctor to Doctor: Do No Harm!

  1. Love your work… God Bless You!
    Please send info to President DJ Trump regarding the WHO… I l’m quite sure he’s on board with separating from WHO (singing pig)!
    Stay safe!

      1. Trump expected big pharma to make a legitimate vaccine, not a kill shot. He just doesn’t want to believe they’re actually killing people. Maybe he’s realizing it now, because he hasn’t said anything about the vax for awhile.
        He has come out against the globalists before, saying globalism has no future.

        1. He was probably fooled, as many others also were. And lied to. Don’t forget, Fraudci was there advising him.

      2. That narrative clearly was given to him. The media gatekeepers even had him snowed. But NO LONGER!! Praise GOD!

      3. What I’ve seen is that, as long as the “vaccine” was experimental, it couldn’t be mandated. Has it ever been “approved?” (not the same as “authorized”) So, if people weren’t forced (mandated) to take the vaxx, wouldn’t it have been their choice?

  2. Fat chance the jab did me any good. I had painful joint reactions to the first shot, slept for 22 hours with the second, and when I got Covid I was so sick for 2 weeks my family worried that they’d lose me. How does one explain that? I am 89. The only reason I got “the jab” was to get my friends back. Did they welcome me back? No. They said my family was too big of a “bubble”. My doctor said I should get new friends.

  3. Common sense goes a long way.
    If the government or big pharma has anything to do with it, be suspicious.

    1. Exactly! Hasn’t anyone ever read Revelations? After reading the Bible, anyone should be suspicious of anything the government wants to push you into taking! This whole vax thing and the way they tried to force everyone by threatening the loss of their jobs, and some governments refused to let people buy food, sounds exactly like what will happen with the mark of the beast! I’m always suspicious of everything they do.

      1. Yep!, that’s why I moved to Bruny Island. 11 yrs. ago. – Rev.14,15,16, ” The Mark of the beast is almost here”

  4. Start researching the topic of Transhumanism, graphene oxide and hydrogel and you will get a glimpse of what The Jab is really all about. There’s a reason that all those cell towers keep popping up. Life. It’s all in the frequency…

    1. There was a guy that attacked Dan Rather years ago in New York and Dan Rather said the guy called him Kennith. So, as he was beating up Dan Rather the guy said “What’s the frequency Kennith”

    See this recent episode of THE STEW PETER SHOW (https://www.bitchute.com/video/rka75Ts7Ar87/). The guest is whistleblower KAREN KINGSTON. She reveals that her research into the Pfizer documentation leads her to be convinced that Pfizer (et al) had, from the very start, planned the V as an ELECTROMAGNETIC DNA-ALTERING BIO-WEH/PINN which IN NO WAY matched the definition (or purpose) of a V.

  6. Trump is mentally unstable and as he denied this so called “China flu” that was something that would go away in 2 weeks, 1,000’s were dying as he suggested drinking Clorox to kill the virus. The man is dangerous. Why are you even discussing him?

  7. LINDA
    Have ever you heard of the difference between unsubstantiated claims and proven facts?

    In case you support exit from the WHO why not join in on the topic and the effort Trump has put into this?
    It´s way more fruitful than unsubstantiated claims about other peoples´ mental life.


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