Don’t Eat Before Bed, They Say–But Here Are Some Great Bedtime Snacks That Will Help You Drop The Pounds

Eating Before Bed Is A Weight Loss No-No–Or Is It? Some Great Bedtime Snacks That Help You Lose Weight

Have you ever seen a photo spread showing the typical meal of a sumo wrestler in training? Do a quick image search, it will blow your mind. We’re talking massive cauldrons of stew, endless plates of meat, fish, rice, and dozens of egg rolls–no matter how hungry you are, it is enough to make you slightly ill to contemplate.

And if you read about their traditional training methods, these already huge men would typically lie down for a nap after a meal like this, the theory being that with the metabolism slowed down to sleep mode, the body would be encouraged to keep as much of that weight on as possible.

And that is pretty much standard thinking in all diet schemes: try not to eat too soon before bed. However, despite the fact that it goes against everything we’ve been taught about weight loss, there are actually some foods that are good to eat before going to bed, and which will help you lose weight. Here’s a sampling:

• Cheese – Loaded with protein and healthy fats, a piece of cheese packs a filling, satiating punch without loading you up with too many calories. Plus it contains tryptophan which can help you toddle off to dreamland more easily.
• Greek yogurt – A nice-sized serving of unsweetened (or at least unflavored; they use so much sugar in the flavored ones) Greek yogurt can pack in plenty of protein at a relatively low caloric trade-off, usually only about 100 to 150 calories. It can also help with indigestion or heartburn, helping you sleep easier.
• A couple slices of white-meat turkey – Speaking of tryptophan! But turkey is also low in fat and full of high-quality protein, so it will leave you satisfied.
• An apple with peanut butter – Apples are a dense, fiber-rich food that aren’t too high in calories, and peanut butter has a nice protein-rich profile, helping with satiety and a feeling of fullness without weighing you down like a sumo.
• Carrots – These things are an amazing diet food virtually anytime. Weight out a handful of carrot sticks on a kitchen scale. Now add a few more. And a few more. Now check a diet app to see how many calories that is costing you–you will be amazed. And you will also be amazed at how full this fiber-rich food leaves you feeling.
• Bananas – Coming in at a modest 100 calories, bananas also contain satiating fiber and tryptophan–not to mention much-needed potassium. Plus the fact that they are self-contained: no dishes to do!

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