Don’t Want COVID Vaxx? No Tracking!

Don’t Want COVID Vaxx? Refuse Tracking Apps! continues to exercise Freedom of Speech and Association by reporting about the coming, unsafety-tested COVID mandated vaccine – and how to avoid it. See our companion article, Don’t Want COVID Vaxx? Refuse Testing! HERE.

There are a number of routes into the murky world of COVID mandates. In New York City, for example, you might well find yourself “tested”, “tracked” and forcibly removed from your home, taken to a “COVID Hotel” for mandatory quarantine, in a closed building with other COVID Positives. [1] And remember what happened when New York forced COVID Positives into nursing homes work: at least 5,215 died. [2]

Tracking is now a major theme in the surrender-liberty-for-security crowd. We in the Health and Speech Freedom Crowd have good reason to mistrust these Tracking Apps. We know full well that the new cell phone tracking Apps will be used with no regard for our rights, including our all-important universal Right of Informed Consent.

It is urgently important that we make it very clear that we do not give consent for an invasion of our rights that we did not even get a chance to refuse! You see, the Apps track not only the people who install them on their phones, but also all the contacts that they have in their contact and other lists! So your friends and their friends and their friends, etc., are subject to endless tracking and tracing when you put a Tracking App on your phone.

With the vaccine mandates threatening all of us, we at Natural Solutions Foundation believe it is very important NOT to allow personal biometric or other data to enter the Big [Brother] Data Base in the Sky to make it harder to use medical (or quasi-medical] data as a rationale for forced vaccination with an experimental gene editing COVID-19 Virus.

We found a great notice on a friend’s Facebook page. Read it, adapt it to your own liking and then send it to everyone in your various contact lists:

“To all my contacts who intend to install the COVID-19 Tracking/Tracer App, please delete me from your phone contact list and Facebook before installing the app on your smartphone!

You do not have my consent to use my phone number in connection with your app to identify, track or locate my person because if you have this app. All your contacts will be known and theirs will as well, and it will be against their will or knowledge!

Having seen what’s going on in China with this program, I don’t want this at all!

Thank you for your understanding. This does not mean i dislike you or have hard feelings toward you, i am not interested in being followed like i am wearing a radio collar.

I will not use this App and I also will protect my contacts.

(Feel free to copy)”

The Plandemic has real consequences and clearly many thousands have died from the foreseeable impact of shutting down our societies. We are told that hundreds of millions around the world are at risk from the famine that may soon engulf the poorest regions because the richest regions are not functioning and food aid has reduced to a trickle.

Indeed, the horror may only have just begun.

To stop that horror, we must Resist. Refuse. Raise Your Voice! 

RESIST being tracked on someone else’s App
REFUSE to  download a tracking App!
RAISE YOUR VOICE to let others know the problem is real and that they can stop the tracking now.

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[1] For example, “On April 18, 2020, it was reported that three people who had been seen by area hospitals in New York City and who were released to quarantine themselves at the Hilton Garden Inn at 37th Street, were found unresponsive and dead in their hotel rooms.  Some Reports * stated that although there was no immediate cause of death in all three cases, the Hilton Garden Inn at that location was housing people who could not safely isolate at home.”



2 thoughts on “Don’t Want COVID Vaxx? No Tracking!

  1. Our whole mindset about our cellphones has to change. While I have made sure that my wife and my cellphones won’t automatically update, that’s only a temporary solution since the manufacturer’s will be building in the tracking software on the new phones that come out (instead of having to rely on “updates’ of existing phones). We need to STOP leaving our cells on all the time, turning them on ONLY to make calls while checking for texts at the same time and then turning them off again (removing the batteries in-between times if possible, putting them in “airplane mode” or carrying them in “signal blocking” containers if not). At the same time staying as far away from other people as practicable to prevent us from being geo-located to their location or vice versa. Truthfully, the best possible solution would be to find a phone that does nothing but make phone calls – no Internet and no GPS functionality.

    1. It is my understanding that by no accident at all, even when an iPhone or Android is “turned off”, since its battery cannot be removed, it is still functioning for tracking, auditing or whatever else it is programmed to do.
      The only sort of privacy they allow is to not be in our vicinity.

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