#Don’t You Dare mRNA Vaccines Damages Cancer Suppression, Says Sloan Kettering Study


Christine Mayr Among Sloan Kettering Scientists Showing Cancer Induction in mRNA, Not Just DNA

Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, March 11, 2021

In a highly concerning development, researchers at Big Pharma-Funded Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York) have just delivered what should be a kill shot to the mRNA “vaccines” currently being pumped into the arms of vast numbers of trusting, but misguided, people around the world.  These so-called vaccines, associated with terrible lab outcomes during the last 20+ years of research, have now been shown to suppress the immune system’s essential cancer surveillance system.

The damage is caused when these supposedly “safe”, but poorly tested shots introduce synthetic mRNA into your cells, damaging or cancelling out the ordinary function of detecting cancer and destroying it before it can become a clinical problem. These hastily conceived and marketed “vaccines” were approved for general use by Christine Grady, Anthony Fauci’s wife and Chief of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center despite their known – and unknown – dangers. These dangers have caused mRNA vaccines to fail spectacularly at the laboratory level for decades but have been overlooked in the screaming propaganda circus of constant unfounded reiterations about how safe and effective these shots are.

In fact, they are neither.

Messenger RNA, located between DNA and the proteins it codes for, serves as a critical link. in myriad functions. One of them is cancer surveillance and suppression.  Scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering  Cancer Center have found that inserted synthetic mRNA actually inserts cancer-causing changes into the cells of mRNA ‘vaccine’ recipients. Current genetic tests are totally blind to these chances so they are currently unrecognized.  That will likely change as the coming wave of cancers in those who have received the COVID-19 injections will show.

The Sloan Kettering discovery of a whole new mechanism for cancer causation hidden in mRNA, not DNA, is earth-shakings. And the fact that it comes shortly after unwise, hasty adoption of wide-spread mRNA vaccination of hundreds of millions of people is cataclysmic.  So it is urgently important for independent, NON-Pharma funded, scientists to study these relationships to learn more about how these cancer-driving inoculations suppress healthy immune function and find out what can be done to reverse these changes once the mRNA vaccinations have taken place.  Short of this, the intermediate and long term health destruction caused by these dirty ‘vaccines’ will be literally unthinkable.

Unsurprisingly, this mind-blowing discovery, that cancer causing, immune suppression is delivered in every dose of mRNA ‘vaccines’ administered,  should be blaring from every medical news site, newspaper, television news broadcast worldwide.  If the CDC were really about health promotion and disease reduction, it was be their loudest and most persistent message.  Of course, it is hidden, and, if you are still using Google or its clones as your search engine, you will not find this news.

mRNA is an information signaling molecule which instructs cells in the same way that some cancer drivers do, so they play a major role in causing cancer and in allowing it to thrive. They also inactivate the multi-focal, complex system of tumor control, including interfering with natural tumor-suppressing proteins your immune system is designed to produce.

The mRNA suppression of tumor suppression is a new finding and, in the face of synthetic mRNA ‘vaccines, is a deeply alarming one. The research is, in fact, so alarming that anyone who is aware of it and allows mRNA vaccination of themselves or others is likely to be an accessory to preventable cancers, either their own or those of the people for whom they are making these decisions.

My advice as a physician is to think very, very carefully about whether, in light of this disastrous information, you wish to be injected with an mRNA preparation.

If you do not, make sure you know how to assert your Right of Informed Consent properly.  Advance Vaccine Directive cards that allow you to do so are available here: AVD 1. Advance Medical Directive Cards Combinations | Product categories | Natural Solutions Online Store (nsfmarketplace.com).

Bear in mind that all companies and persons involved with these mRNA jabs have been given immunity from legal and financial consequences of these toxic biological injections and that insurance companies have no responsibilities to you either since the mRNA ‘vaccines’ are experimental medical procedures, whose impacts they do not cover.

In essence, it appears that, rather than controlling the transmission of COVID-19, reducing the likelihood of developing illness or reducing the severity of the symptoms (none of which the mRNA shots have been documented to do), these shots cut short or truncate cancer tumor suppressors.  That means that they destroy the body’s ability to protect you against cancer.

Terrifyingly, these changes are similar to the DNA mutations that cause cancer cells to mutate and multiply without restraint.  So the mRNA jabs induce the changes that DNA mutations cause when cancer is produced and permitted in your body by immune system malfunctions.

I have said from the beginning of the rollout of mRNA vaccines that their impact is to disrupt and distort the complex and delicate interplay of various parts of the immune system.  Sloan Kettering doctors have discovered and documented one way in which that is right, with potentially catastrophic results.

If you are refusing the mRNA vaccines, you are not vaccine hesitant: you are health promoting.  If you are worried about the impact of untested forms of immune distortion and potential immune destruction, you are pro=science: you are willing to look fearlessly at the data and search for the best, not necessarily the most popular, hypothesis to explain it.

Since science has demonstrated that mRNA technology can fuel cancer tumor growth, putting it into your body until you know how to prevent that makes no rational sense whatsoever, in my opinion. Not for a disease that has a 98.5% survivability rate and is, apparently, simply a relabeling of pretty much everything that kills people, including pneumonia, for political reasons.

The same changes that are induced by mRNA shots are present in large numbers of people with a blood cancer, chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I fact, these cancer victims show the exact same exact inactivation of tumor-suppressor genes at the mRNA level as people who have received the mRNA shots. These mRNA changes appear to act as if there were actual DNA mutations although, in the jab recipients these mutations are not present.  They are, however, present in the CLL patients.

What this means is that while without the mRNA ‘vaccine’ you need a DNA mutation to develop CLL, once you have taken the shots, you can get the same result without the actual DNA mutation as if you had it and you are on your way to developing at least one type of cancer.

Can all of that come from just one or two mRNA shots? Apparently it can.

Even if just half (partial truncation) mRNA changes in human cells have taken place, that can “completely override the function of the normal versions that are present,” according to the Sloan Kettering team of scientists.
As if that were not bad enough, the changes apply to at least 100 different genes at the same time. That means that multiple distortions in cell and immune function can happen simultaneously causing health results which are both horrifying and totally unknown, so far.

As bad as that it, the mRNA ‘vaccine’ news is even worse: mRNA changes, say the researchers, are not limited to blood cancer but have also been linked to  acute lymphatic and breast cancer.

We know that approximately 20,000 people in the US develop CLL c each year. What will the rate be in coming years in the vaccinated?

The only “treatment” for CLL is stem cell bone marrow transplantation, offered only to patients whose CLL is “likely” to advance. What is the relationship between advancing CLL and having been injected with an mRNA vaccine? Right now we have no idea but it appears that we may well find out over the next few years.
It is interesting to note that in their outreach about this research, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center notes “Researchers at the Sloan Kettering Institute have found that changes in an information-carrying molecule called messenger RNA can inactivate tumor-suppressing proteins and thereby promote cancer. The findings pinpoint previously unknown drivers of the disease. It’s important to note that mRNAs are a normal component of all cells and the specific ones discussed here are not involved in mRNA-based vaccines, like the one developed against SARS-CoV-2. ” [1] although, according to my reading of the information, that is quite misleading.

Given, however, the fact that Sloan Kettering has close and highly profitable ties with the pharmaceutical cancer establishment, this is unsurprising to me.

My jaw dropped, however, when I found the following at the top of the page announcing the mRNA cancer promotion information: “COVID-19 Vaccine Available to MSK Patients As of 3/10, vaccines are available to MSK patients with cancer age 18 and over who live in New York State and have been in treatment since 1/1/18 or had at least one visit with an MSK healthcare provider since 1/1/18. For more info, and if you live in NJ: ” No shame, none whatsoever. And ethics, either.

[1] In a Twist, Scientists Find Cancer Drivers Hiding in RNA, Not DNA | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (mskcc.org)

4 thoughts on “#Don’t You Dare mRNA Vaccines Damages Cancer Suppression, Says Sloan Kettering Study

  1. Perhaps I missed the links that would take us to original sources that would allow us to confirm what this article reports??

  2. I appreciate reading about alternative ideas regarding all things medical. However, I feel it is important that when such alternative ideas are reported they be as factual as possible. I do not like the idea of mRNA vaccines for all of the reasons mentioned but the Sloan Kettering site also has the following statement:

    ” It’s important to note that mRNAs are a normal component of all cells and the specific ones discussed here are not involved in mRNA-based vaccines, like the one developed against SARS-CoV-2. ”

    I can’t say if this is accurate or not, but if there is evidence that the vaccine mRNA will or will not initiate carcinogenesis should be addressed, rather than only presenting the information that fits our paradigm of thinking.

  3. The Synthetic mRNA vaccine jab does not remain at the injection site, freely circulating throughout the blood plasma, wherein, it enters the nucleus and with the inclusion of reverse transcriptase, gains adhesion into the DNA…whereupon, the new instructions signal the now altered mRNA to replicate the spike protein as an inclusive scaffolding for all cellular proteins.

    The myocarditis and pericarditis cellular footprint reveal massive inflammation within the pericardium cells, as well as an host of other organs. All have the cellular signature within…the spike protein also contains coding for HIV amino acid amide chains throughout…

    Luc Montagnier, the famous French virologist who was awarded Nobel for co-discovery of HIV in ’83, had a team of doctor’s research all corona viruses and states no previous viruses ever had the spike protein…further, the spikes contain the amide chain(s)of HIV.

    The science reveals a lab generated CVD19 virus…

    CVD19 was engineered in a lab…to what end?

    Wuhan, China, was the location of the ‘2019 Military World Games’, comprising 110 nations, wherein, all competitors were infected in order to spread CVD19 worldwide in September 2019.

    The mRNA ‘enhancements’ are synthetic. The problem is that there is a quorum sensing for all cells… a type of electronic signature, akin to the quorum sensing utilized by bacteria to evade gram neg. and pos. antibiotics…which is why Cipro is utilized, as it disrupts DNA sequencing for a contagion’s replication…when a drug is created to attack a specific virus or bacteria, that’s fine, but when you target the DNA of a bacteria, the DNA replication attack upon bacteria, is borderline identical to collagen(other cells too)biostatic electronic replication signaling, which could also induce mineralization of high torque requirement of all endothelium cells under “red line” capacity with patients who already have high BP.
    ‘Cipro’ disrupts the cellular template of mRNA electrical signaling in collagen replication, creating misshapen cells, that weaken the collagen cellular integrity thereby, compromising torque capacity and collagen fibers tensile strength…wherein, the body is forced to mineralize the collagen fibers, creating inflamation, which creates scar tissue in the wound repairing of the endothelium around the heart where there is the highest pressure on the arteries…also the collagen of ligaments and tendons are compromised in athletes, whereas, football, tennis, basketball and baseball pitchers are more susceptible. The other variable being the amount of fluoride consumed by an athlete…fluoride disrupts andcompromises the hydrogen bonds of the DNA. The hydrogen bonds are repaired by the same mechanism wherein the Telomeres are repaired/maintained. The Telomere is akin to the cap on a shoelace…the shoelace being the Telomere.

    The problem is that the T Cells and B cells 1st recognize the spike protein as an invader, as it quickly exits the injection site…thereafter, these cells attack the spike protein … ingenious depopulation tool by TPTB.

    Unfortunately, most doctors sail through school with a photographic memory and the pressure of 12 yrs of graduate school training on the line…

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