#Don’tYouDare: 250 M Person Strike in India, World Media Silent?

250 Million People Strike in India
Largest Strike in Human History
Goes Totally Unmentioned in the World Press


Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation.com, December 8, 2020

250 Million – MILLION – Indian farmers, workers, students, women’s activists and others joined together for a single day strike making this the largest coordinated social protest in human history. Collectively and individually, they chose to say #Don’t You Dare and stopped work for a day all over India.

Although water canon were repeatedly used against the strikers, reports say they were undiminished in their determination to make their voices known and join the rising tide of discontent that is saying, in a variety of ways, world wide, “Don’t You Dare”.

The hashtag #DontYouDare needs to be on our lips and our keyboards as we share our discontent and come together from the widest diversity of viewpoint to make it clear that the “Great Reset”, transhumanism, mandatory vaccines, planned economic destruction and pandemic deceptions have no place in our lives, our societies or our future.

World media, complicit in interlocking levels of deceit, chose to take no notice of  the most enormous outpouring of social discontent in human history. If the number is accurate and 250 Million people demonstrated last month, that means that one Indian in 5 was on the streets saying to the government, at all of its levels, #Don’t You Dare!

Share #Don’t You Dare and join the movement of people determined to take back truth, power and freedom.

Visit http://dontyoudare.me for on-going reality on just how powerfully we collectively and individually speak those vitally important words to the world!


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