#DontYouDare How to Read the Vaxx News – Decoding the Disinformation

How to Detect Vaxx Disinformation: A Primer

Vaccine Syringe “injecting” Vaccine Into Speaker Pelosi’s left arm has the orange safety cap on.  Either no vaccine was being injected or the physician to the US House is incompetent.

Opinion by Dr. Rima|
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, January 2, 2021

The March of the Vaccine Lies is here, perhaps the theme song of the year. That is, if we let it.  Lies are only powerful weapons to the extent that people fall for them, buy into them, believe them, act on them. That is, after all, exactly why they are told. There is only one defense against disinformation: the truth.

You have heard the old saw that there are lies, damn lies and statistics.  Well, the updated version is that there are lies, damn lies and vaccine ‘information’. Everything that you are hearing on the main stream, and a lot of the alternative stream, about vaccines, urgently pumped and endlessly pimped, is carefully constructed disinformation. 

Those who create disinformation know well that the best disinformation is a mixture of verifiable truth and carefully constructed falsehood disseminated through trusted sources.  Of course, manipulating the situation to make the sources feel trustworthy is part of the game. Mainstream media wouldn’t lie because the are, well, mainstream, right?

Oh, very, very wrong.

What follows is a “news” item from NBC News [0] which is interleaved with the original story in black type and my comments in blue type .identifying the dis and mis information.

Many front-line workers refuse Covid vaccines as distribution rollout struggles

About 50 percent of workers in California’s Riverside County have refused to take the vaccine, along with 60 percent of nursing home staff in Ohio.

A large percentage of front-line workers in hospitals and nursing homes have refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine, a hurdle for public health officials as the country struggles to roll out inoculations around the country.

The implication is clear: somehow these workers are creating a hurdle for the ‘noble, obviously misunderstood public health officials’. There is no mention that these workers are exercising their right of Informed Consent and are supported by national and international law, as well as by the FDA’s own website on Emergency Use Authorization drugs such as the vaccines that the workers have chosen to refuse. [1] Instead, it is characterized as a hurdle imposed “while the country struggles to roll out inoculations”. The workers are now the problem, through the clever misuse of focus, instead of the real problem being the highly suspect vaccines that these knowledgeable health care workers are refusing.

About 50 percent of front-line workers in California’s Riverside County have refused to take the vaccine, Riverside Public Health Director Kim Saruwatari told The Los Angeles Times on Thursday. California is currently overwhelmed with cases as hospital staff in Southern California face a shortage of intensive-care units and have created makeshift units.

These two sentences have no logical connection but they do continue the tone of the first paragraph by somehow insinuating that if the workers took the vaccine, the shortage of intensive-care units, now being served by makeshift units, would somehow be alleviated. In fact, the health workers know that if they become ill from the vaccine, any shortage of services will be exacerbated so what might be overlooked as a simple non-sequitur allowed by sloppy editing is, instead a piece of misdirection designed to obscure the real problem and make it appear that the health workers not only are the problem but somehow are making it worse.

If the article were an information piece, there would be interviews with workers to help the reader understand why they are choosing to refuse the vaccine, a discussion of the development of the vaccines that short circuited even the cursory and unreliable safety testing most vaccines receive and the fact that the technology of these vaccines, mRNA injection, has never been used before.

The grounds for health worker’s reluctance would be considered.  Instead, no such considerations are even alluded to, making the vaccine drumbeat the only sound heard in the article.

Vaccine development and distribution has been the target of persistent conspiracy theories and disinformation on social media, although it’s unclear how much impact this anti-vaccination movement has had on overall public trust in the process.

Note that any questions about the safety, efficacy or need for a vaccine are grandly dismissed as “conspiracy theories and disinformation” and relegated to “social media” with no consideration or acknowledgement of the serious, scientific and epidemiological questions about “vaccine development an distribution” as if they could only be good things, well thought out and helpful, by definition.

For example, on November 20, 2020, this same “news” outlet published an article stating that “Covid-19 vaccines face a varied and powerful misinformation movement online” [2] as if there were no possibility that what the vaccines were ‘facing’ was, in fact, an outpouring of legitimate concern..
There is no mention of the dozens of thousands of doctors and other health professionals around the world, of whom I am one, who see things very differently because their focus is science and medicine and does not serve another agenda which is apparently dependent on massive experimental vaccination.

About 2 in 10 Americans are certain they will not change their mind about refusing the vaccine, according to data from the Pew Research Center. [3] And 62 percent said they would be uncomfortable being among the first to receive the vaccine.

In the absence of the necessary information about the 23 deaths in Moderna’s trials and the 9 deaths in Pfizer’s for these vaccines, the maximum 14 weeks of observation, the devastating response of 5000+ of people within days following the shots until the self-reporting app was disabled by the FDA last week and the other negative consequences of actually receiving either of the vaccines, a responsible news media might be reinforcing that caution rather than parroting the line that it is a problem.

Anecdotally, an estimated 60 percent of Ohio nursing home employees have refused the vaccine already, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said during a news briefing Wednesday. It’s a stark contrast to the number of nursing home residents who have taken the vaccine when offered, which DeWine guessed to be about 85 percent.

Why are the data anecdotal in an easily identifiable population of health care workers? Where is that anecdotal information from? Why haven’t CBS reporters visited health care workers in Ohio to find out what is happening, or commissioned surveys to find out if the anecdotes are true? Why are they reporting on unconfirmed ‘news’ in a major story with huge readership about something so important and timely?

Perhaps, one might imagine, because they do not want to find the answers.

The number of nursing home residents who have taken the vaccine include, one must presume, a large number of people who are residents of nursing homes because they can neither think or act on their own behalf. Dementia patients, comatose patients, patients totally dependent on staff for care and survival, people on life support, children, wards of the State, all of them will take the vaccine because they are told to, or simply given a jab. They are not able to, not aware that they can, or in no position to, assert their legally protected right of Informed Consent.

Governor DeWine does not state how many of the compliant 85% are, in fact, in these categories or, if he did, NBC News did not see fit to include that information, relevant though it is.

While that is less surprising, if NBC News wished to find out that statistic, it could, of course, done so.  But it is better to imply that patients in nursing homes are good because they have complied while staff are not good because they did not comply.

“We’re not going to make them, but we wish we had a higher compliance,” DeWine said. “And our message today is: The train may not be coming back for awhile. We’re going to make it available to everyone eventually, but this is the opportunity for you, and you should really think about getting it.”

The governor, not a health professional, is telling health professionals to be afraid because they will be at the end of the line for something they turned down already. That sounds a lot like bullying to me.

Rollout for the vaccine has already been met with several logistical hurdles as only 2.6 million people have been vaccinated as of Wednesday. A review by NBC News of earlier data Tuesday found that at the current rate, it would take almost 10 years to inoculate enough Americans to get the pandemic under control.

The numbers may be correct, but the totally unfounded statement that somehow a vaccine which has never been tested for its ability to prevent either clinical or statistical disease, nor reduce or prevent transmission of that disease, a disease in which people who are asymptomatic are not responsible for the spread of the disease, is, somehow, automatically an magically (because science certainly has not been invited to this party) is needed to “get the pandemic under control” is literally meaningless. But the implication is clear: if these workers would just accept the vaccines, the roll out would be going every so much better.

It’s unclear how refusal by essential workers, who are prioritized to receive the vaccine in the first phase of administration, could further hamper the distribution efforts.

Yes. it certainly unclear how those two things are linked.  However, this bizarre and logic-free sentence confirms that the point and purpose of the article is not to discuss why these workers have concerns that lead them to reject the vaccines but to blame them for doing so and link them to other problems with which their refusal has no connection.

A survey of 2,053 New York City firefighters found that more than half said they would refuse the Covid-19 vaccine when it became available to them, according to a poll released by the Uniformed Firefighters Association this month. [4]

So the problem is spreading! Those health care workers assertion of Informed Consent rights have infected the fire fighters a thousand miles away.

Some of those firefighters may overlap with those who have already contracted the coronavirus and don’t believe they need to get the inoculation, Andy Ansbro, the union president, said.

The choice of the words “don’t believe” by the [medically untrained] fire fighter union president suggests that they actually do need to get vaccinated if they have had the disease.

Leaving aside the issue of what “having the disease” actually means, if they have immune systems and have actually survived COVID-19, they would not, in fact, need to get a vaccine to force their bodies to produce antibodies to the disease.  The plasma of people who were in this group has been used as a treatment for severely ill  people in the ICUs around the world. It is called “convalescent serum”. 

These fire fighters do not just think that they do not need this injection, they understand immunology well enough to make that decision correctly. That is, however, not what the story suggests.  If NBC were, in fact, reporting, their investigator would have unearthed that very obvious reality. 

“As a union we are encouraging our members to get the vaccine, but we are defending their right to make that choice,” Ansbro said. “I personally feel this vaccine is safe, I’ve done my own research, I will be getting the vaccine and I will be encouraging other members to do so. In the end, it is their own personal choice.”

The words “Informed Consent” do not appear in the words of Chief Ansbro although he is required to uphold it. 

Ansboro was among the many essential workers who received the vaccine, according to a photo posted by the UFA on Tuesday. The FDNY reported that 1,000 members had been vaccinated by Tuesday.

The report of adverse reactions, currently running at about 2.3-4%. would mean that among those 1000 people, we could expect between 23 and 40 immediate serious adverse reactions requiring medical care or making it impossible for them to report for work the next day.  

There is no mention of how that will be followed or reported, nor to whom.

A number of politicians, public health officials and front-line workers have taken the vaccine publicly to assert confidence in the shots, including leading infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Mike Pence.

Did they receive placebo vials or syringes with no needles or did they, too, get a “shot” with the safety cap still in place?

Intensive care unit nurse Sandra Linsdsay was among the first in the country to receive the vaccine, telling reporters that she felt “relieved” afterward.

This is a totally meaningless propaganda statement.  Nurse Linsdsay could feel relieved after anything, including the arrival of a book of stickers with smiley faces for her medical charts. This is is not a warm fuzzy scientific endorsement of anything. It is propaganda, designed to cause you to identify and follow. It is, in fact, social conditioning from an “authority” making it compelling for your to obey and remember notes.

“I feel the healing is coming,” Linsdsay said. “I hope this marks the beginning of the end of the very painful time in our history.”

See above paragraph. Unavoidably unsafe vaccines have no meaningful role in healing.


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