Dr. David Martin: Files Lawsuit Against Biden

During a recent interview Dr David E. Martin discussed a federal lawsuit filed on 3 March in Utah against: Joe Biden; the director of the Health and Human Services (“HHS”); the Medicare and Medicaid directors; and, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) Mandate directors.

Patrick Gentempo, creator of Covid Revealed, interviewed Dr. Martin earlier this month where he explained:

“The body becomes a biological weapons factory, manufacturing the spike protein, a scheduled pathogen with genetic sequences derived from SARS-CoV-2: a known toxin on the list of scheduled bioweapons in the US code.

“The injection does not stimulate any immunity to SARS-CoV-2. At best you’re getting immunity to the first variation of the computer simulated first spike protein that was first thought to be associated with SARS-CoV-2. The only thing you could have alleged to get immunity to was the first fragment of spike protein from the first model.”

“This suit very specifically says that using the term ‘vaccination’ was intended to, essentially, mislead the public.  It was meant to confuse.  It was meant to build an expectation that cannot be met.

“Not only did that ‘vaccination’ term get hijacked, [but] it should have been called – what in fact it was called in the SEC filings of both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna – a gene therapy.

“This first lawsuit gives rise to a series of other lawsuits which ultimately end in the discovery of the criminal conspiracy that I’ve been talking about for a long time.  Because the way we laid the case down – in discovery, we are going to get evidence of the felony.  And in the next case we’re going to get more disclosure of the felony.

“We wrote this case so that their responses in our case are in fact going to be incriminating for our next case.  So, we wrote this case so that their response is an admission of the next crime, and of the next crime … [The end] is to make sure we get the felony convictions and perpetrators of this crime so that the immunity shield falls away from the manufactures and all of the injuries and all of the deaths from the injection become civil liabilities to the manufacturers.

Dr David Martin Files Lawsuit Against Biden (21 mins)

Source:  dailyexpose.uk/2022/03/23/david-martin-files-lawsuit-against-joe-biden/

2 thoughts on “Dr. David Martin: Files Lawsuit Against Biden

  1. Good evening David. I’ve been trying to find results for your Utah filing, assuming it’s done by now. However, I have not been able to bring it up. Thank you so much for all that you have been doing. I’m 78 years old and am very concerned about my great-grandchildren’s future. The evil people in this world are not to be forgiven.
    Thank you from Canada. Have you been watching our Commission on the use of the Emergencies Act?

  2. At last, there is a suit against Biden for expanding the ‘fear factor’ by the SARS-CoV-2 ‘plandemic’. Anthony Fauci was used as the spokesperson (mainly by Biden) due to his deception and promotion of AZT with the AIDS epidemic. The plan was definitely to sell “Covid-19” as a worldwide virus to target people for substances claimed to be ‘vaccines’ and capable of curing the condition, by means of boosters and modified ‘experimental’ biochemical treatmants.

    These tend to be genomes that are designed to modify DNA/RNA (mRNA is a fine example, developed by Dr. Robert Malone) well explained by Dr. Peter McCullough to be a bioweapon. The suit actually gets to define this and describes what we need to know about all of it. Some forty years have gone by in which experimental drugs are pushed off on the public, and they know nothing about any of this.

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