Dr. Fauci just hinted at a vaccine decision that will have all hell breaking loose

Joe Biden’s COVID police state is falling apart.

Biden’s mandates and restrictions failed to stop an explosion of coronavirus cases across the country.

And Dr. Anthony Fauci just hinted at a vaccine decision that will have all hell breaking loose.

Many in the corporate media and public health bureaucracy are ramping up demands for Joe Biden to impose a vaccine mandate for domestic air travel.

Since such a decision would incite major political backlash that would lead to a massive Republican wave in next year’s midterm elections, so far Biden’s resisted imposing a vaccine mandate for airplanes.

However, in another example of the administration’s confused and pitiful messaging on COVID, Dr. Anthony Fauci just left the door open for an unconstitutional domestic airline vaccine mandate.

During a recent White House COVID press briefing, Dr. Fauci refused to rule out a vaccine mandate for airline passengers.

“However, as is very clearly the case for domestic travelers, as I mentioned, we want to keep them safe, but we believe that the requirement achieves that goal,” Fauci began.

If cases continue to rise, Dr. Fauci hinted that the domestic air travel vaccine mandate would come up for discussion.

“If there’s a need to do more beyond this masking, mainly having a vaccine issue, we will seriously consider that as new information arises,” Dr. Fauci continued.

Dr. Fauci then warned the American people that the Biden administration was “keeping an open mind” on the possibility of forcing individuals to show proof of vaccination in order to board an airplane.

“So, it’s just keeping an open mind that the situation may change,” Dr. Fauci explained. “But at this particular time, we do not feel that it is necessary to make that a requirement for domestic flights.”

Of course, the public health establishment and the Biden administration are panicking.

America just set the world record for coronavirus cases.

Every lockdown, mask, and vaccine mandate failed to slow the spread of the virus.

But instead of admitting the failure, the Biden administration is teasing even more vaccine mandates.

And Americans could soon be forced to show proof of vaccination just to board an airplane.

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