Police Use Dogs as Thousands Protest Against Dutch COVID-19 Lockdowns

By Jack Phillips
January 2, 2022

Thousands of people in the Netherlands capital of Amsterdam gathered Sunday to demonstrate against the Dutch government’s COVID-19 lockdown measures before police cracked down.

It came after Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema issued an emergency ordinance giving more police to clear the central Museum Square after the protesters violated the city’s ban on public gatherings amid an increase in COVID-19 cases.

The protesters also walked along a main thoroughfare in the capital city, playing music and holding yellow umbrellas in a sign of opposition to the government restrictions.

Some participants had a banner that said: “Less repression, more care,” while a group in white masks and white overalls held up signs, reading: “It’s not about a virus, it’s about control.” Another held a “Trump 2024 flag.”

Photos and video footage uploaded online showed what appeared to be police releasing dogs on anti-mandate protesters. Netherlands authorities deployed water cannons, footage showed, as other videos appeared to show alleged Dutch Army veterans clashing with police.



Before police moved in, other footage showed that several thousand people attended the protests on Sunday.

Outside the Netherlands, demonstrators in Germany last week clashed with police in the eastern portion of the country over new COVID-19-related restrictions. At least 23 people now face criminal charges.

In Holland, gatherings of more than two people are prohibited under the current set of restrictions.

Like other European countries, the Netherlands imposed the measures due to the Omicron variant’s spread, although studies and even some U.S. health officials have said the strain presents milder symptoms and far fewer hospitalizations.

Dutch Anti-covid Measures Protest To Go Ahead Despite Police Strike
People attend an anti-lockdown demonstration in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Jan. 2, 2022. (Sanne Derks/Getty Images)

On Dec. 19, the Netherlands went into sudden lockdown as the government ordered the shuttering of all stores except for those it deemed “essential.” Restaurants, hairdressers, gyms, museums, and other public places were also closed until at least Jan. 14, the government ordered.

The lockdown orders came despite studies that suggest the Omicron variant—while highly contagious—presents significantly less severe disease than the Delta variant. The hospitalization rate in the United States is also comparatively lower now than during previous COVID-19 surges, said Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky last week.

COVID-19 is the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

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2 thoughts on “Police Use Dogs as Thousands Protest Against Dutch COVID-19 Lockdowns

  1. It amuses me the comment ”COVID-19 is the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus”
    who paid the Chinese to do gain of function. ……. the Americans. Dont believe me? look it up. Its a bit rich blaming the Chinese for the virus.

    1. It may now be common knowledge that Fauci perverted the Common Cold virus ( a very contagious, very passive virus), with HIV, MERS and SARS in an attempt to have people clamour for the jab (kill shot, magnetic death poke, Frankinshot, vaxx), then passed it on to the low security, ‘level 4’, CCP-Wuhan lab for accidental or purposeful release.
      The virus can travel up to 30 metres, not 2 metres.
      So the responsibility lies with the most responsible. In their words; ‘It was the other guy who did it!’

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