Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph Live Stream: September 10, 2020

September 10th Archive Video

Event: Thursday, 10 Sept 2020 at Amerigo’s in The Woodlands (Texas)

Larry Deckerhoff, trusted adviser to companies and entrepreneurs in The Woodlands (Texas), announced the continuation of The Woodlands Lunch Forum Series with a luncheon event scheduled for Thursday September 10, 2020 at Amerigo’s Grille, 25250 Grogans Park Drive in The Woodlands. The Forum is scheduled to start at 11:30 AM and last an hour and a half. Mr. Deckerhoff indicated, Meet You After the Pandemic Reopening

“The theme of this Lunch Forum is Advanced Health for the New Millennium, Immunotherapy and Rejuvenation – Focus on Supercharged Immune Systems During Troubled Times. Among our featured speakers will be Ralph Fucetola JD, President of The Woodlands’ own Institute for Health Research. He will be joined by two experts in rejuvenation and immunotherapies. The short presentations will leave plenty of time to reconnect and enjoy the extraordinary cuisine at Amerigo’s Grille.”

The Institute, which was founded in 1998, and focuses on leading edge, natural and nutritional support for vigorous aging and powerful immunity, announces the reopening of its The Woodlands office.

The Institute President will introduce advanced approaches to health and longevity through the featured speakers who are positioned to inform and enlighten, in cooperation with NutraSpace, Health Matching Accounts and Natural Solutions Foundation.

Interested participants are requested to RSVP to stephen.contreras1@hotmail.com – the requested donation of $70.00 includes a three course gourmet lunch. Donations in excess of luncheon value are tax-deductible.

We expect to live stream this event.

Speakers include:
• Ralph Fucetola JD – President, the Institute for Health Research – www.InHeRe.org
• Dr. Reg McDaniel, MD, NutraSpace – www.NutraSpace.com
• Dr. Rima Laibow MD – www.OpenSourceTruth.com

The President of the Institute concluded:

“We look forward to a growing presence in The Woodlands community as our alliances with local and regional companies and researchers continue to mature. Our research interests include areas as diverse as longevity nutrition, immunotherapy and autism retrieval. While we expect that the latest pandemic from China, COVID-19, will be contained, holistic approaches to stimulating natural immunity remain highly relevant and are a significant area of Institute interest.”

The Institute for Health Research is a nongovernmental organization, and NGO, started on the East Coast in 1998.  The original trustees were a physician who taught at medical school, a pioneer women vitamin company CEO and Ralph Fucetola JD — known even back then as The Vitamin Lawyer.  Counsel Fucetola became President of the institute in 2015.

Much time has passed since then and the Institute has grown to encompass several project areas.  These include [1] an Institutional Review Board that works with health care practitioners who want to conduct clinical studies, to assure that these studies meet ethical and scientific standards, [2] an online Journal of advanced health care published since 2015, which has featured some of the most influential holistic and natural health practitioners, and [3] a research and reform effort which has included raising funds for significant issues impacting health research.

In this context we continue to support reform of insurance billing coding, working with practitioners and academics to bring attention to the need for coding reform to allow greater access to alternative and advanced health care practices.  This is called “provider nondiscrimination.” Reform of the coding system to allow more accurate holistic practices coding would have a positive impact on health care practices, saving insurers and the public significantly.

We look forward to focusing the growth of The Institute in The Woodlands.  This community is forward-thinking, offering fantastic facilities and connections.

Link to The Woodlands Online Media Release:

Dr. Rima’s elist announcement: https://secure.campaigner.com/CSB/Public/archive.aspx?args=MjAwMjMxNjMw&acc=NzYwMDI4

We are proud to be The Institute at The Woodlands.



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