USA Today Covers Open Source Truth

“We’re Not Your Slaves”

Kudos to USA Today reporter Michael Braga for a generally fair and informative article [1] in the national news paper posted on 3 September 2020.

Operation Quack Hack, the federal government’s initiative to clamp down on fake coronavirus medications and cures, has exposed a health underground in America brimming with distrust not only of mainstream medicine but the government itself.

It’s a Tea Party for COVID-times.

Its members are angry at government warning letters that many perceive as an infringement on their right to free speech, free trade and people’s control over their health care – and some are ready to fight back. …

De la Foret, who mentioned the benefits of an herb called astragalus in one of her articles, maintained that she was very careful to point out that the root was not a cure for COVID-19 – or anything else.

“I was trying to be open and honest,” De la Foret said. “But they were saying that I was – wink wink – implying that the product could be used to cure the virus.”

That interpretation, De la Foret said, prevents people from discussing remedies that might be useful.

“Heaven forbid that something in nature might be more effective than a drug,” agreed Hansen, the Arizona naturopathic doctor.

Ralph Fucetola, a retired lawyer and co-trustee of the Natural Solutions Foundation, also echoed that sentiment.

“This Deep State attack on good medicine is particularly outrageous because during a declared pandemic it is ethical, according to the (World Health Organization), to use even unapproved remedies that may offer help,” Fucetola said in an article posted in April on, a website that pushes back against the mass media. “Once again, the Federal authorities are putting themselves squarely against common sense in order to maintain the fiction that the government is here to help.”

Ralph Fucetola

Fucetola told USA TODAY that there’s a distinction between treatment of a disease, which drug companies provide, and therapies that may benefit a patient, which alternative health companies offer.

“They’re trying to subject us to the treatment of disease standard,” Fucetola said. “People in the health freedom world, in the natural remedies world, are not trying to treat diseases, we’re trying to help people achieve a healthy status.”

Fucetola said he still hopes to reach an understanding with the FDA and FTC regarding what can be said about Nano Silver, a nutrient he says “supports” a healthy immune system.

The public is well-served by fair and unbiased coverage of the government’s over-reaction to its Declared Pandemic.




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  1. It wasn’t until I copied and pasted the link that I realized this was not the USA Today story, but excerpts from it. The actual story seems less supportive of alternative medicine.

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