Dr. Rima Live with Sacha Stone

Dr. Rima’s Interview Starts About 1:09 Hour into the Program

Archive Link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Yyb3lfttuvK9

Dear Dr. Laibow,

Please find the Stream Yard link to join the live stream with Sacha this morning at your allocated time slot.

It would be wonderful if you promoted this link to your followers sharing that you are being featured on this most important launch event.


The links below are where you can direct your audience to in order for them to watch live in real time.

There are many (and I would suggest sharing all of them) because we are getting de-platformed regularly and offering choice allows for people to pivot if one option goes dark.

Crazy times we live in… See you in a few hours.

Warm wishes,

Official PUBLIC Streaming Locations:
https://youtu.be/fCq-LWoqxCo – ITNJ You Tube

Streamyard (https://streamyard.com/7crymk8kxa%7C)
StreamYard | Browser-based live studio for professionals
Engage your Facebook, or YouTube, Live audience with interviews and shows; all the tools you need for professional shows right in your browser.

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