Dr. Rima’s RFK Jr Letter

Open Letter to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Bobby, if you want my vote I need your answers.

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

Although we have never met, I will address you formally as “Bobby” in this letter since you want to be at my table and in my house with me via videos and interviews.
That’s fine with me, Bobby, since I want to speak openly with you.

I would love an answer, but, knowing how busy someone who seems to be running for President can be, I do not expect one.

Running as an Independent changes nothing, as far as I can see. I have been hoping not to see what I see. But I see a lack of serious challenge or purpose leading me to ask the following deeply serious questions, Bobby:

If you know what Fauci is and has been, what the drug companies and their CEO.’s are and have been, what the vaccines – all of them – are and have been, why are you being so nice about what they are, what they have been and what they have done?

Why are you not calling the COVID-19 vaccines weapons of mass destruction and calling out those who intentionally developed and deployed them against Americans and the rest of the world, as mass murderers and seeking their lawful criminal punishment? Why are you not telling us that, if elected President, you will immediately place a total moratorium on all vaccines of every type and launch an open, and in-depth, inquiry into their safety and efficacy, using independent scientists employing real scientific methodology, to evaluate every one of them and to launch criminal actions against parties who acted unlawfully if warranted, including complicit or conflicted public officials?

Why are you not telling us that you will remove all vaccines which did not comply with the bi-annual safety reporting requirements that Congress imposed on their manufacturers with the Childhood Vaccine Injury program in 1986? Since not one vaccine has complied with the reporting requirements, a blanket interdiction would be simple, appropriate, and lawful. I have heard not a peep out of you about this protection measure.

Why are you not calling Fauci, Collins, Bacerra, Biden, Walinsky, etc., etc., mass murderers who evaded laws, engaged in repeated frauds, lied and violated moratoria, and therefore, why are you not seeking their lawful criminal punishments?

Why are you not vigorously seeking to pierce the veil of immunity through willful negligence charges against the vaccine companies and their complicit officers, so that everyone involved in the long term, and the most recent, vaccine plots can be held accountable as mass murderers leading you to call for their criminal punishment?

You are a lawyer. You understand perfectly well what this means. Yet we hear nothing at all from you on this score.

If you understand that the UN and all subsidiary organizations such as WHO are criminal and deadly organizations, why are you merely calling for the defunding of WHO until it does what you want it to do (which in no way eliminates our obligations under such deadly restructuring documents as the amended International Health Regulations), why are you not calling for the immediate withdrawal of the US from every one of these organizations and obligations with total termination of all aspects of our connection with each and every one of them?

WHO’s consistent utterly dismal failure to promote health but its brilliant successes in creating opioid dependence, vaccine damage, smoking and dangerous nuclear institutions apparently fails to convince you that we should leave it. Your understanding of the coming global tyranny over diseases that were weapons of civilian warfare serving as introductions for much deadlier weapons of mass destruction has, apparently not moved you to rethink your connection with this organization or its master group, the UN.

That means that, if you were elected President, you would not immediately exercise the power of your office and withdraw from the UN and its subsidiary bodies immediately.

What, then, is your protective position to prevent our total destruction via the Sustainability Goals of 2030 and all related threats?

If you understand the dangers of 5G and its lack of meaningful regulation and control well enough to have brought a major law suit which prevailed at the Supreme court why are you not telling us how you would control this corrupt industry segment devoted to surveillance rather than communication, in the context of a military grade weapon focused on civilians (like the mRNA and DNA kill shots), why are you not telling us how you will control this industry and protect us from it?

So a very real question, Bobby, is are you just an operative laying out slightly off-narrative talking points or are you a real candidate who really wants to make things right?

Where are your charges of wrongdoing? Where is your solution to fix, and prevent, similar wrongdoing in the future? Did I miss something?

If you really are a genuine candidate, you need to put your mouth where your implications are so we, the voting public, can detect that you might have some real commitment to tackling actual reform, repair and restoration.

In short, Bobby, your campaign, and its component planks, needs some serious testicle power.

Right now, at least to me, we seem to have rousing displays of limp-member-of-the-Presidential-Field power.

Right now we see a weak-kneed, pallid stalking horse. I would love to have you prove me wrong and be everything that a strong, real opposition candidate could be.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation
Podcast: Dr Rima Truth Reports, www.PeopleForPeople.Ning.com


One thought on “Dr. Rima’s RFK Jr Letter

  1. I agree completely with you Dr. Rima. In addition we have heard nothing about lifting immunity for lawsuits on pharmaceuticals and vaccines. If pharmaceuticals could not make a profit on vaccines from all the lawsuits prior to 1982 then we don’t need them!!!!!!!  A free and fair market naturally gets rid of a bad product. Is there anything more obviously corrupt on the part of government than to give pharmaceuticals immunity from lawsuits? IMMUNITY FROM LAWSUITS????? What happened to the rule of law? What happened to the American people to go along with this? 

    The people who are awake have lost complete trust in all politicians. Foster Gamble advocates a government free society and I have advocated that since I began to question everything and found corruption everywhere and even questioned God until I found out about Satan but still found this test on humanity too long. 

    Dr. Rima, join Foster and all of us who advocate a government free society based on the non-aggression principle.  

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