lsrael/Hamas: There Is No Middle Ground 19, 2023

Opinion by Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

We, all of us, have reached a point of binary reality on the global stage and you, individually, personally, politically, through open and honest communication with yourself, your God (or morality or whatever your choices are based upon), your country and your deepest moral foundation, must choose.

Now. Today. Forever.

You choose us, humanity, or you choose them, the enslavers and destroyers of humanity.

And the battlefield has been crafted in Israel between that country and Hamas.

Choose carefully. I believe Humanity’s fate is hanging in the balance.

Here is a brief summary of Hamas and its history from ABC news:

“Hamas has a membership of between 20,000 and 25,000, according to the U.S. government, and was founded in 1987 as an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Its name is an acronym for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya, or Islamic resistance movement.

Hamas rejects Israel’s right to exist and is dedicated instead to the creation of a Palestinian country in the region.

The group has both sociopolitical and military functions and receives crucial support and weapons from Iran. It is one of several organizations vying for influence over Palestinians in the decades long conflict over their future since the modern state of Israel was created in what had been Mandatory Palestine.

Hamas is labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S., the European Union, the U.K. and others. A resolution to label Hamas a terrorist group failed to pass in the U.N. in 2018.

Hamas de facto seized Gaza — also known as the Gaza Strip, one of the two major Palestinian territories — following election wins there in 2006 and a violent conflict with the competing Fatah political group in 2007. Since then, Fatah has continued to govern in the West Bank territory to the northeast.

What is Hamas? The militant group behind surprise attack on Israel has ruled Gaza for years – ABC News (

Hamas is classified as a terrorist organization by the US, Australia and a number of other nations. It is illegal to provide US tax money to terrorist organizations.  It is a violation of international law to provide international aid to any organization classified by the country wishing to provide that aid, to a terrorist organization.

Caroline Glick’s important video (above) makes a cogent and compelling case for the covert, illegal and dishonestly mis-labeled. destructive pressure and policies the US is using to prevent Israel from protecting itself.

So, if all the talk about providing humanitarian aid is really code for resupplying Hamas with munitions and material, this is both illegal and insane for any country which 1. “Stands” with Israel in anything but words and 2. Abides by its own laws against aiding and funding terrorist organizations. Biden’s $100 Million in humanitarian aid to Hamas, a US-designated terrorist organization, is, as far as I can tell, totally illegal under US law.

Apparently, the US is saying, “Yes, America stands with you, Israel! and while we stand with you, Israel, we will tie your hands and make sure that you are in the weakest possible position so ‘the other team’ has massive advantage. And, while we are at it, we will resupply your enemy.” This is no accident. It is intentional destructive intervention in support of the destruction of Israel, and the rest of us.

Would the destructive policies be the same if Israel were a Christian country, rather than a Jewish one? Interesting questions.  But it is a Jewish State.  Now, please watch one other video.

This is Glenn Beck talking intelligently about the history of how Israel and Hamas got to October 7 (you will need to click through to YouTube. Do it.  Please do it.  You must watch this video:

Glenn Beck adds vital background as does his guest. Note: I do not “follow” Glenn Beck, nor do I subscribe to most of his positions.  He and his guest are, in my estimation, right on the mark here.

The lovely, but poorly defined phrase “humanitarian aid” is being used as a euphemism for military resupply, US policy makers are bludgeoning Israel to destroy its own troops and people through lack of appropriate munitions and tactical hamstringing and the gladhanding of public “standing with” posturing by an, at best, ambivalent administration permeated with Iranian and Hamas/PLO/Hizballah operatives over years of policy making. constitute “Standing With” Israel. What am I missing here?

We also have what looks to me very much like well-orchestrated crowds demanding Hamas/Palestinian victory for their “from the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free” aspirations. These aspirations are NOT a two-state solution. They are a one state solution with a lot of dead Jews as the building blocks of the road to the one “Palestinian State”.

The short name for that sort of solution is “Genocide”. In this case, Jewish Genocide2.0.

The incursion by Hamas on October 7 was an orchestrated act of genocide. of Jews. No people, community, group, should be exposed to genocidal acts and then be denied the right to defend itself vigorously.

What terms and conditions in the Pro Hamas Cease Fire position secure and recompense and protect Israel? None that I have heard.

Here is what I do hear from far too many quarters inside and outside of the US: “Let yourself be slaughtered and then do not respond or you are somehow morally culpable. Right. If you are a Jew, bend down and be slaughtered, lie down and die. If you are a member of Hamas, or a supporter, stand up and strike.”

Here is what we all should be saying: “NO!”

And here is the larger tragedy: this unmitigated nightmare serves not the Palestinian people, not the Israeli people, not the US, not Bibi Netanyahu. It serves none of the sock puppets, no matter how rich or corrupt they are.

Ultimately, as always, as with every war and every conflict, it serves ON LY the would-be globalist masters who have used the UN/WHO/UNESCO and other tools at their command to set up the conditions for this monstrous evil and who are the only party it benefits.  Our hatreds, our sufferings, our slaughter, our starvation, our brokenness serves only them.

Let me be clear: I cannot imagine that the initial breech was not orchestrated from inside Israel as well as from outside it.  I cannot imagine that the many hours of delay, the lack of air and ground support to repel the marauding terrorists, the time to complete the atrocities and take the hostages, was not a 9/11 inside job type operation in collusion with the terrorists.  After all, Sock Puppet in Charge/Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, sold the bodies of his nation to Pfizer for their Mengele Redux experimentation, did he not? So we are dealing with complex evil here.

In my view, the central target has to be clearly understood. While I despise the sock puppets equally, they are a symptom of the problem.  They are not the core evil.  There is someone to hate here: the would-be masters, and I do hate them with every fiber of my being.

But before we can deal with them, we have to make a people safe. in this case, the people known as Israelis. Safe, too, from the leaders who betrayed them with the lack of protection, response and intentional lack of readiness.  Safe from the “friends” that Blinken and Biden are turning out to be. Safe from the dastardly media whores who believe everything Hamas tells them and disregard everything else, data-be-damned.

Hamas, brutally oppressing the people under its control, keeping them in intentional want and stoking the flames of hatred, has been able to end their suffering since it took power. It has chosen not to uplift their people, since that makes the endless hate so much easier to stoke. Hamas could have, if it wanted peace, long ago lain down its arms, renounced its death-goal Charter provisions, and accepted a two-State solution.

Hamas could have funneled the multi-billions of dollars received for its people’s welfare to the people of Gaza.

Hamas could rewrite the curriculum of all of its schools and renounce its position of jihad and justification of endless hatred.

But it hasn’t. And as long as it has friends like those in the US and Iran, it won’t. And since it won’t, Israel must do what it needs to do to make the cost of any repeat performance unacceptably high or, better yet, totally impossible.

It is Hamas that has barred the Gaza evacuation corridor, the only one open, leading to Egypt, which oh, so reluctantly, has agreed to allow Gazans in. To my knowledge, only Egypt, alone of all of Gaza’s neighbors, has agreed to allow Gaza’s people into its country. It is apparently Hamas that actually shelled the evacuees as they tried to flee the fighting on the only evacuation route out of the announced strike zone.

Once we get this horrific mess sorted out, then we have to turn, together, toward our common enemy, and unwind our countries and our institutions from their thrall, their wealth, their glamour (that is, their deceptive magical spell) and get our countries, our lives and our planet back again.

Can we do it as brothers and sisters after all the training for hatred? I do not know.  But we sure as Hell have to try or we will live in Hell, for sure, because the would-be masters will become the forever masters and there will be no more humanity to protect and defend.

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