Emails Confirm Monsanto Has Been Paying Scientists To Push GMOs


A Freedom of Information Act request in 2015, shows scientists involved with pro-GMO campaigns had emails turned over as a connection between them & agra chemical giants such as Monsanto was made.

The request was made by US Right to Know, a nonprofit who are committed to exposing failures within the corporate food system.” A few of the scientists working with funding from Monsanto were not happy with releasing their email records. 

It is not surprising that many scientists working with Monsanto did not want their emails released to the public, what is shocking is what some of the emails actually revealed when they were released. 

Dr. Kevin Folta, who is the chairman of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida has been given an undisclosed amount of grant money by Monsanto to speak positively about GMO’S. 

The director of crop biometrics at Monsanto, Michael Lohuis wrote in one email to Folta that “this is a great 3rd-party approach to developing the advocacy that we’re looking to develop.”

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