Fatigued? Allergic? It Could Be the Sulfites

Your Cellular Energry Comes From Your Mitochondrion
In case you need one more reason to avoid processed industrial food and switch to an organic diet, sulfites would be a good one.

It’s all about energy and energy is all about mitochondria, the tiny organelles inside your cells that churn out the fuelYour mitochondria produced the energy needed for life.  Cripple them with toxins or damage them with radiation, vaccines or other harmful inputs and your energy will be impaired. When sulfite accumulate, mitochondria cannot produce as much ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate), the fundamental molecule of energy, as they need to so your body cannot carry out its functions properly.

Among the causes of damaged ATP production are heavy metals like lead (Flint drinking water, paint chips) mercury (flu, DTaP and other vaccines – even for children!- read the package inserts), inhalents and antibiotics in the Sulf drug category, insufficient molybdenum, severe Vitamin B12 deficiency and drugs like DMPS.

In addition, the production of the body’s chief antioxidant, glutathione, releases sulfites.  Antioxidants are essential to mitochondrial and other critical functions so supporting their proper metabolism and avoiding external sources of them if you are sensitive to them can have a huge impact on health and vitality

For people sensitive to them,  sulfites can poison your mitochondria because a vital enzyme, Sulfite Oxydase, is in short supply so toxic sulfites are not converted to harmless sulfates.  For people low in this enzyme, ingesting sulfite-containing foods, wines and drugs lead to fatigue, coughing, asthma,  low blood sugar, headaches and brain fog, red or itchy skin.

Permitted as a food preservative, sulfites are often found in dried fruit, bottled lemon and/or lime juice, red wine, molasses,  sauerkraut juice, grape juice (all colors), and yellow die #5 found, for example,  in Doritos(TM), dry mashed potatoes mix, jarred pickles, shrimp, cookies, crackers, beet sugar and prepared pie dough.

Foods containing more than 10PPM of sulfite must list the ingredient on the label.  But for people who are sensitive to it, even smaller amounts can be harmful to them.

Why does FDA permit toxins like added sulfite, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, etc., in our food supply?  Good question.



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