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The truth of COVID-19 is deeply woven into the Gates/Soros/Fauci “Agenda 2020” Plan to force vaccinate the whole world “against” COVID-19 with a battery of barely tested, but ‘miraculously’ rapidly produced, [already patented] vaccines – complete with microchips to forever trace who is “protected” and who is not.

If you do not have the chip, you will not be allowed to travel, work, shop or attend school, church, synagogue, temple, mosque… That’s the Plan.

Will you permit this to happen to you and your loved ones? Or will you, like Dr. Rima and me, and the others who understand the Right of Informed Consent, assert that universal Right? The more people who use the Advance Vaccine Directive Card, available here,, the stronger it becomes.

We are being asked to “protect” each other via Social Distancing (whether or not that is the best way to protect our elders and ourselves is another question; naturally acquired herd immunity will not happen during a lock-down). I am suggesting – strongly – that we protect ourselves and our loved ones by asserting our rights while we protect the rest of us, too.

You see, the more resistance to being mowed down like sheep with the vaccine weapon that we exercise, the less likely the unprincipled Globalists are to be able to move forward.

Every time. So far. We need to protect each other by taking mass action against their mandatory insanity. Do that by loudly asserting your Right to Informed Consent!

There is another Golden Rule besides the one you learned in Sunday School. The second Golden Rule? Gold Rules.

And it’s playing out in every hospital in America. We are all breathlessly attached to the latest COVID-19 numbers. They are meaningless. Gold Rules the COVID-19 numbers, too.

Prove it, you say? Certainly. Let’s follow the money, to better understand that COVID-19 is an excuse, a circus side-show, a shadow-play intended to distract you while the real game is afoot — while the Plan is implemented in plain sight.

Scott Jensen, MD, is a Minnesota State Senator and an MD. Jon Rappoport, a long-time investigative reporter caught up with him and shared the shocking – and vitally important – information Dr. Jensen was willing to share.[1]

Dr. Jensen revealed quite a bit about following the money when he said, “Take a Medicare patient who is diagnosed with simple non-COVID pneumonia. The hospital would receive a one-time Medicare lump-sum payout of $4600.

However, if that Medicare patient is diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia, the Medicare coverage is a one-time $13,000 payment. And if the hospital puts that COVID-19 pneumonia patient on a ventilator, the one-time payment is $39,000.”

Rappoport continues: “NOTE: It doesn’t matter how long these patients stay in hospital—there is only going to be one lump-sum insurance payment.” [One payment per qualifying admission, that is – rf]

Just follow the money…

Remember measles and how every child had to be vaccinated in a furious bid to “protect” us all from a trivial disease rechristened one of the world’s most dangerous health issues despite an appalling lack of support for that preposterous notion?

Remember the sudden “health emergencies” and the propaganda war on truth? The rush to abolish religious conscientious objections to forced vaccination? Perhaps the reason is also part of what’s revealed by following the money!

Along, that is, with the weaponization of vaccination which is at the very heart of the follow the money game.

The plot thickens and sickens, which is the name of the game, as it happens.

We have just received this communication from Bart Classen, MD, formerly of NIH until their vaccine policies made it impossible for him to continue working there.

On 4/10/2020 Dr. Classen shared this vitally important information:

On 4/10/2020 Dr. Bart Classen wrote:

Subject: COVID 19 and MMR vaccine

Dear Sir or Madam,

Many have asked me if the COVID-19 is a bioweapon. I have gathered information that strongly leads me to believe that COVID-19 is a bioweapon and a vaccine likely already exists.

An epidemiology graph appeared on Twitter (see ERSIL-1) showing that children had lower risk of developing COVID-19. The graph shows the risk of COVID-19 decreased after 1 year of age and then again after 5 years of age. Having spent 30 years correlating immunization curves with disease, I immediately noticed the protection appeared to mimic immunization with MMR vaccine which is typically given around age one and age five. I pulled an NIH paper *(1)* and found that the COVID-19 rates in children under 1 were absent but the paper confirmed there was a reduced risk of COVID-19 after age 5 years. I found another paper *(2)* on COVID19 cases in Beijing which confirmed a higher risk in children under one year of age than children
over age 1. I emailed the author and received updated information.

“as of March 11, we have 4 patients under 1 year of old, and 12 patients aged 1-15. In our study, the time as to Feb 10, we have 3 patients under 1 year of old, and 8 patients aged 1-12 years old.†The updated results indicate that the rate of COVID-19 in children under age one is 5 times higher than children age 1-15. A pattern was emerging that I concluded was consistent with the measles mumps rubella vaccine providing protection for some from COVID-19. Further literature searches revealed two papers that showed a vaccine against deadly coronavirus related to COVID-19 had been developed by genetically engineering measles vaccine” *(3, 4)*!!

My opinion based on 30 years in the vaccine research is as follows. Over the last 20 years the vaccine field has become controlled by bioweapons operatives with devious motives. I noticed an urgency to immunize groups with measles vaccine in 2018 and 2019 that I did not believe was justified by the public health risk of measles. I was very suspicious this was another bioweapons related vaccine operation that I had been witnessing.

The data I see with COVID-19 and the MMR vaccine leads me to the strong belief that some of the batches of MMR vaccine were switched with a measles vaccine virus genetically engineered to protect against coronavirus as referenced above…

J. Bart Classen, MD

[see Dr. Classen References, below.]


[John Barthelow (Bart) Classen is an American immunologist and anti- vaccinationist. He received his M.D. from the University of Maryland, Baltimore in 1988, his M.B.A. from Columbia University in 1992 and obtained his medical license in October 1997. Wikipedia says his views are “unverified.” Classen proposes that vaccines cause diabetes by causing the release of interferons, causing an autoimmune state leading to immune-mediated type 1 diabetes.]

And finally note this chart from Morgan Stanley which sets out the “Plan” precisely.

But what, you should be asking by now, exactly is the Plan? Morgan Stanley known for being very good, indeed, at collecting the money that we have been following, lays out the next part of it neatly in a graph so insanely transparent it makes your teeth hurt!

Turn your attention to the second half of the graph where you will note that the “second wave” of COVID-19 is expected to start a few weeks after the vaccine “against” the virus is given to first responders. A few weeks, as in the 14 day incubation period!

Viral vaccines cause viral shedding and the viral shedding causes transmission of disease. The vaccine triggers the outbreak. This is not speculation. It is accepted mainstream medical fact.

And that instigated “second wave” will be the flimsy excuse for forced, chipped vaxx mandates to be illegally put in place.

The time to stop them is, of course, not at the moment they spring the trap door in their Plan. The time to stop them is now, while we still have the ability to assert our nationally and internationally protected Right of Informed Consent. Learn More here:



Dr. Classen References:


1. Early epidemiological analysis of the coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak based on crowd sourced data: a population level observational study; Kaiyuan Sun, Jenny Chen, Cécile Viboud.

Published online February 20, 2020

2. Characteristics of COVID-19 infection in Beijing ; S. Tian, N. Hu and J. Lou et al., Journal of Infection, m5G; March 2, 2020;23:57;

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