Follow the Science: Don’t Take the Jab!

Follow the Science: Don’t Take the Jab!

You knew it all along… we are the people who are really ‘following the science’ which shows clearly that we’ve been right all along about these dangerous ‘vaccine’ jabs.

“The … image (from the Mörz article: shows a cross section of a capillary in the heart. It demonstrates the presence of an abundant amount of spike protein (the brown material to which the red arrow points) within endothelial cells, which are the cells that line the inner wall of the capillary. There is endothelial cell swelling, and there are a few mononuclear inflammatory cells within the wall of the capillary. The spike protein was demonstrated to be of vaccinal origin, not from SARS-CoV-2 infection.” Rob Rennebohm, MD*

WHO is pushing these deadly jabs? ‘Everybody’ from the World Health (sic) Organization to the World Economic Foundation and every global elitist in between.

What to do about that? We need to get every country out of the hopelessly corrupt and incompetent WHO. Our international efforts to exit WHO — #WHOxit — are gaining attention, with millions of people in the USA, Canada and South Africa telling their representatives “#WHOxit!” If you can help get this message out to more countries, go to the Action section at and fill out the form. Together we’ll create the Action Item for that country.

Take Action Here,, to tell our lawmakers we are not taking the shots, will accept no Vaccine Passports and want out of WHO, Do it now then share the link with everyone you can reach.

Then donate to keep the lights on at Natural Solutions Foundation. Do that now, too. Details to do so below.

How about a monthly pledge? Your freedom is worth it.

‘They’ want you to take a ‘booster’ jab every month. Your health freedom needs a booter every month too!

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Natural Solutions Foundation is facing its greatest challenges as it responds to the extraordinary threats to health freedom and informed consent. We are struggling to maintain the “Action Item” system that lets us send these emails and lets you easily send messages to political leaders.

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Yours for health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

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Follow the Science: Don’t Take the Jab!


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  1. We are blessed to have Open Source & all those Standing Up for Truth, real science & the lives of Our Children & All of Humanity!

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