Former NFL Player Collects Stories of Lives Destroyed by the COVID-19 Shots – Mother Regrets Putting 12-year-old Daughter in Pfizer COVID-19 “Vaccine” Trial

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin held a press conference yesterday where several people gave testimony about how the COVID-19 injections ruined their lives.

The group was started by former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Ken Ruettgers, who began the group after his wife suffered neurological damage from a COVID-19 injection.

As can be imagined, the local media in Wisconsin ridiculed Senator Johnson and made it into a partisan political issue, completely disregarding the crippling effects of the shots and the lives they destroyed.

The entire news conference is on Rumble, and can be watched here.

The Ruettgers have put together a website for those who have been injured by the shots, C19 VAX REACTIONS. The people who told their stories at this news conference in Milwaukee can be found on this website, as well as many others.

One of the stories is that of Stephanie de Caray and her daughter who participated in the Pfizer trials as a 12-year-old. Here is the trailer of their interview. It is also on our Rumble channel, as well as our Bitchute channel.

Mother Regrets Putting 12-year-old Daughter in Pfizer COVID-19 “Vaccine” Trial

My 12 year old daughter was a healthy 7th grader with no major medical issues other than dermatographia and ADHD which she was taking vyvanse to manage. She participated in the Pfizer vaccine trial for 12-15 year olds at our Children’s Hospital.

My daughter has gone from being a typical healthy 12 year old girl who worried about doing well in school and loved hanging out with friends to being so ill she had to miss 4 months of school.

She has been in the hospital for almost 2 months total where she celebrated her 13th birthday. She is the strongest person I know and I am so proud of her for pushing through this nightmare and never giving up.

There is no doubt in my mind that the vaccine caused this. All of these medical problems started less than 24 hours after the second dose of the Pfizer covid vaccine and did not just go away within 72 hours like they say. She was not forced to do the vaccine trial, she asked to do it along with her 2 brothers so she could help get our world back to normal.

The full interview is on the Ruettgers website.

In another interview, Candace Hayden was injected with the Moderna mRNA COVID-19 shot and now cannot feel anything from the waste down. Her doctor told her: “Get Used to Being Handicapped.”

Here is the trailer from our Bitchute channel, and it is also on our Rumble channel.

The full interview is on the Ruettgers website.


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