Fox News is facing a cancellation threat from the one place no one ever suspected

Left-wing Democrats spent years trying to cancel Fox News Channel.

But now Fox is facing a new criticism.

Viewers were outraged after Fox News Channel ran a segment promoting a 14-year-old biological girl who underwent a transgender surgery and now claims to be a boy.

This segment ran as part of Fox News Channel’s “celebration” of Pride Month, which is propaganda for the homosexual agenda.

During the latest episode of his podcast, conservative commentator Matt Walsh – who also made the hit film What is a Woman? – tore into Fox for airing lies and falsehoods about transgenderism.

Walsh demanded that whoever decided to air the segment publicly admit they were responsible for trying to groom children into transgenderism so network executives could fire them.

“All the parties involved should explain themselves and then they should be fired also,” Walsh stated.

“They should be fired for sure. Named, shamed, and fired. When you put dishonest and militant-trans propaganda on the airwaves,” Walsh added.

Walsh admonished Fox News for using its platform as the number one rated cable news channel to promote a dangerous and harmful lifestyle to children.

“That’s going to do, and is doing, immeasurable harm to thousands of kids. Then you know, you should be fired for that,” Walsh declared.

Walsh explained that Fox News had a decision to make.

If Fox wants to be a news channel, then it cannot promote the Left’s falsehoods about gender being a social construct and something that can be changed on a whim like a hair style.

“If Fox News wants to call itself news, then it cannot put insane falsehoods and radical far-Left lies and propaganda on the air if you want to be a news organization. Especially this kind of propaganda, worst of all, propaganda which aims to exploit and destroy children,” Walsh exclaimed.

Walsh summed up by telling the audience to demand a full apology from Fox News for airing transgender propaganda.

“So, Fox’s audience has to call the network to account. I mean, nothing less than a full retraction and apology should be accepted here,” Walsh concluded.




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