FSSP priest slams church leaders who support ‘unjust’ vaccine mandates that ‘violate’ human rights

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LITTLETON, Colorado (LifeSiteNews) — A traditional Catholic priest said the oppression of unvaccinated people through the use of vaccine mandates constitutes crimes against humanity and violates Catholic Church teaching.

“This is where I see the failure of the current response to the COVID-19 crisis: The unvaccinated have become the target of injustice, hostility, and aggression, depriving them of their basic human rights,” said Fr. Daniel Nolan, FSSP, of Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish in Littleton, Colorado. “No group of any kind can be excluded from basic human rights, not even the social group of the unvaccinated.”

Nolan said that one of Vatican II’s documents, Gaudium et Spes, articulates the fundamental and inviolable rights of each person that must be safeguarded in a civil society. He also noted that the Catholic Church teaches that it has a duty to protect persons and their rights, and so the Gospel compels him to speak out against the unconscionable discrimination being perpetrated against unvaccinated persons.

“In the name of public health, people have had their lives and livelihoods destroyed, their employment terminated, their privacy invaded, their freedoms crushed, their dignity removed, their opportunities curtailed, their quality of life suppressed — all because they will not obey their government’s orders.”

“This is the real crisis,” he continued.

Nolan observed that a “campaign of fear” has been waged upon the world to create a climate in which people will accept compromises they would not normally accept in calmer times. The upshot of this messaging is for humanity to embrace the experimental COVID-19 vaccines as a “cure-all, the panacea that will solve all of our problems.”

However, he described the underlying reality of this proposal as much different: “I see irresponsible, unethical, unjust measures forced upon an unwilling populace,” measures based on a “stream of lies,” consisting of “contradictions, the obfuscation of facts, the misrepresentations of truth, [and] gross exaggerations.”

“And then we were told, vaccines are necessary. Everyone and everywhere.”

Despite natural immunity to COVID-19 being superior to the novel vaccines, concerns regarding allergic and other reactions to the abortion-tainted inoculations, and an increasing amount of so-called breakthrough cases among the vaccinated, Nolan said leaders refuse to consider veering from the path of universal vaccination.

Source:  www.lifesitenews.com/news/fssp-priest-slams-church-leaders-that-support-unjust-vaccine-mandates-that-violate-human-rights/

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