Fukushima Radiation Danger Continues Through COVID and Olympics

A Message from Murata-san, the “Conscience of Fukushima”

Dear Friends,

Prime Minister Abe remains still attached to the holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games next year.

It is increasingly suspected as the very cause for the abnormally low numbers of the PCR tests.

Professor Shinya Yamanaka, Nobel Laureate, had a talk with Prime Minister Abe in a YouTube program on May 6, and expressed his pessimistic outlook on the possibility of holding the Tokyo Olympic Games next year.

Prime Minister Abe is still pinning his hopes on the improvement of the situation thanks to a new vaccine.

Japanese civil society sides with Professor Yamanaka’s pessimistic outlook.

The IOC has recently announced its intention not to accept another postponement.

In view of the ordeal imposed by Corona-15,there is growing opposition in Japan against the required heavy financial burden.

The final decision of cancelation, if reached, will have an enormous impact, both economic and political in Japan.

In view of the unimaginable amount of problems and troubles it could bring about, the sooner the conclusion, the better.

The role of the International Community would be crucial.

Corona-19 could disappear in the final end, but Fukushima radioactivity remains.

With warmest and highest regards,

Mitsuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland

After posting the above, and telling Ambassador Murata we had posted it, he replied:


Thank you very much.

A change is approaching.

Best wishes,


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