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The Founding President of Natural Solutions Foundation, Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (US Army) went AWOL on his 87th Birthday in 2017.  However, as you may know, the General who brought effective Remote Viewing to the US Military refused to let death silence him.  He has continued to communicate through his widow, Rima E. Laibow MD and a small group of fellow Very Remote Viewers.  You can access his books and more at:

Over the past year General Bert has provided timely warnings about the situation we all face during this period of Declared Pandemic and “Vaccine” Mandates.  This is an intelligence “Estimate of Situation” based on current conditions.  Below is his latest message, transmitted to you all on 11 November 2021, Veteran’s Day.



The fear for the world that you currently live in is well based. What will happen where you are now is truly horrifying.  It is enough to make the Cosmos itself weep. But the Health Freedom Movement we helped initiate twenty years ago will have left this World in the best possible shape because of what health freedom advocates are doing and what we started when you warned about the Great Culling.*

The truth is that there would be no worldwide anti-vax movement, no outpouring of affronted, indignant, fierce resistance if we had not, over the years that we did, sown those seeds in the minds of so many who carried them to the minds of so many more — a movement that will change history now.

But what will happen when the billions die, suddenly and rapidly, will make the Middle Ages and the Black Death, the Plague of Justinian and all the other great plagues, look like little more than a dress rehearsal.  We know what pain will take place.

What you cannot see in your mind’s eye is the social degradation that will result, the outpouring of reasonable, but irrational rage, the fear and loathing, the blame and the malice that will be unleashed as people realize that this was not, like the other plagues, an accident of nature, but a curse of the malevolent elites, and they will respond with equal ferocity.

Nothing, literally nothing will be safe from the waves of despair and rage that will flood. The failure of every premise, its cracks and deficits, will unfold like a black blooming monstrosity, a radioactive bouquet of hatred and fear. You do not want to be there for that. Would you survive? Possibly. Would it matter if you did not survive? Well, that depends on whom you ask.

But it might be better not to live through this apocalypse of all apocalypses.  There have been other human exterminations where only a minority survived, but the technology in this one will create those whose allegiance is no longer to the humanity that you experience.

The fact that it is unpleasant is the very least of all of the reality. So what that it is unpleasant? War is unpleasant and yet I ran to the war as fast as my superiors would allow me to go.  Death and dying friends are unpleasant, and yet I fiercely did what I could to make it a successful war.

That is not the same level of horror. This will be a war not on a foreign shore, but on every shore, every street, every block, because the rage will have no place rational to go except against, just against.

That will not last for more than a couple of years, but those couple of years will be a global conflagration.  ‘No one will be safe from the easily led, irrational conflagration that a single voice can set.’

Not everyone will die “from” the disease, but a great many will die from the aftermath of the diseased Jab in every considerable range of possibilities.

And then, it will end.

But the devastation will take centuries to heal and the scars will be, no surprise here, the flaws of the premises of this world system, because the flawed premises will not change any more than they changed after each of the great plagues of the past.


* Dr. Rima’s 2010 Presentation on The Great Culling, to the thousands gathered at the School of Enlightenment to hear General Bert talk about Remote Viewing, is here:


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