General Bert Estimate of Situation

General Bert’s Fourth 2021 Estimate of Situation [1]

Those of you who have been following Dr. Rima and General Bert are aware, since his untimely death in 2017, General Bert has continued to communicate with Dr. Rima and others, using what he has called “Very Remote Viewing” (VRV).  He was the General who brought Remote Viewing to the US Military and successfully used it.

Since 2017 a significant volume of information has been transmitted, resulting in two published books and various articles.  They may be accessed at

Whether this information is “from the dead” or an expression of the subconscious minds of the recipients is not a question that can be easily answered.

In his formal Remote Viewing protocol General Bert always used teams of Remote Viewers as a check against each other and against “overlay” (including the particularities of the recipient’s use of language, worldview and subconscious desires). He would compare multiple teams to reach his consensus Estimate of Situation for any question.

VRV works the same way.  On September 1, 2021 Dr. Rima and I each asked General Bert the same question at the same time (though separated by several thousand miles).

The question:  What is your estimate of the “COVID Jab” situation? 

An “Estimate of Situation (EoS) is a formal intelligence analysis of an existing or potential threat.  The replies, which you should compare to reach your own conclusions:


Love, the EoS is basically the same as it has been, except considerably worse.

There will be supply line breakdowns engineered to make as many people as possible as desperate and docile as possible, to herd them into compounds where they can be controlled and culled further.

Do not go there.
Do not go there.
Do not go there.

The propaganda will pound ceaselessly and must be refuted and repudiated although there will be fewer and fewer outlets to make your information available through.

The international situation will be better in some places and worse in others but the vast majority of the world will be worse off than you will be.

Careful people need to make sure that they are armed.  They should go get a gun and make sure to know how to shoot it.

A gun will not fend off armies of roving marauders, but will fend off individuals and small groups.

There is really no country that is dealing with this properly or I would suggest going there, at least temporarily. So the best advice for now is to stay put (unless you are in the middle of a major city).

The Jab pressure will amp up because the narrative is breaking down, but the beast is receiving severe wounds and is more dangerous and more ferocious than ever.

Stay the course, because it will end and the wise will survive. But do not expect ease, comfort or a sense of familiarity because there will be none of these.

Conserve everything that you can.  You will need it.

The world will have at least a year of very hard times, more likely two.

The System is going to try more and more desperate things until the rage of the population rises up and destroys them, and it will, but you really do not want to go to that party.



The situation is dire. 

The evidence is becoming overwhelming that the COVID “vaccines” are the weaponized kill jabs about which I warned, over and over again.

I also warned, in the year before the cessation of my physical body, that the Tipping Point had been reached and Americans, even the most privileged adults, were dying younger and younger, with even the Baby Boomer Generation not living as long as their parents (who had survived the Great Depression and World War II). Later generations are dying even younger.

But, apparently, the Tipping Point was not enough for the globalist genocidalists — thus, the repeated efforts to weaponize various diseases, and various “vaccines.”

Until the last two years those efforts had generally failed because people would not buy into the disinformation.

The 2009 Swine Flu fake pandemic is a good example.  We fought the good fight and millions refused the jab.  Oh, the other side tried hard.  Remember the incident were “somehow” live bird flu viruses got from one high-level containment building to another level-3 facility and contaminated the Swine Flu Vaccine?  When 53 people out of 45 million vaccinated died (that’s about 1 in 900,000) the vaccines were stopped and the US government had to dispose of billions of dollars’ worth of toxic shots.

This time the propaganda media was much better coordinated, through the deep state big tech internet platforms.  This time the fear was able to overwhelm even people who thought they believed in natural health. 

You and Rima both know people who should have known better, they got the shot.  You both know people who have sickened from contact with the “vaccinated.”  Even the current death record of 1 in about 25,000 jabbed — 36 times the rate of the Swine Vaxx — is not enough to stop the steamroller.

The globalists are totally committed to genocide.  There is no other way to state it.  This is what they see as their rapidly approaching victory — a near extinction event.

They falsely believe they can stop the dying when they reach their Georgia Guideposts goal of a half billion humans remaining on earth.  The falsely believe they can maintain some semblance of infrastructure. They believe their sacrifice of 90% of humanity will give them great power.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.  What they will get will be a post apocalypse world which will kill them too.

There are, however, bifurcations in which their vile plans fail.  In which human community immunity reduces the death rate to “only” a few billion.  In those best scenarios you will experience something like the Black Death, with up to a third of humanity dying over a couple of years.

But even in that scenario the fabric of civilization collapses.  It collapses to an extent even greater than what happened in 1346 and thereafter (they had simpler and shorter supply lines).

There is no way back in either scenario, not at least in this flawed reality.  Those who choose to experience the Great Culling and the truncated humanity that may survive should know that it will take centuries, if ever, for this world to recover.

There is hope, however, there is always hope.  Be prepared and be ready to leave when you must.


[1] Access to the previous 2021 Estimates of Situation here:

17 thoughts on “General Bert Estimate of Situation

  1. As crazy sounding as it is to share these “transmissions” from Bert… Well, if you were planning a popularity campaign and the best promotion possible as far as just the numbers go…of course you would not want to breath a hint of this information coming from Bert. Of course this will turn some off. And I certainly don’t believe in a lot of the popular tin foil hat and flat earth nonsense. But… well, fortunately, most people do believe in God, I think. That means “spiritual realm” and supernatural possibilities. I’m not into seances and such like but…I do believe this kind of communication happens. So, long story short, I think you all made the right decision to come out with all this as radical and mind-bending as it is. And we are desperately needing deeper, broader ways of thinking and we need to look at the metaphysical…for mankind to move to a higher understanding of life. Reminds me, ever see a flock of small birds which looks like a coherent cloud that’s diving and swooping all together in that incredibly mysterious way? Everything just isn’t explained by limited physical science. Finally, I feel a power and a validity in the received transmissions written down by Rima and Ralph. So, why the hell not, go for it! I mean, why the heaven not, go for it!

    1. As General Bert would always reply when he was told something was against the rules, or even the laws of nature, “Who made that rule?” He told me repeatedly that his Remote Viewers got as good or better actionable information than his “boots on the ground.” I firmly believe that we are receiving valid information, based on the several thousand pages received so far, leading to two books and a number of shorter pieces, available at

    2. Dear one, in practical sense – the essence of a human concsiousness is never lost. And just as picking a phone and calling someone,we can, and we do make a contact that simply. I have helped many people, deeply grieving at the time, to ‘pick up that phone’ and ask a simple question. Inevitably they ALWAYS got a simple answer, and smiled. So I am grateful that ‘the team’ can and does communicate with General Bert.

  2. Remote viewing or not, the signs are clear to those with eyes open. The big question is why are so many closing their eyes to what is there in plain sight? Is it God doing the culling? And, if so, will he cull those relatively few instigating this, the largest known crime against humanity, before they take us all?

  3. What is happening now is we are living in the end times. Bible prophesy tells of stuff happening like this. Bible prophesy tells us in the end times there will be a one world government. That is what the Biden administration is going for. It’s not new, always been Bible prophesy being fulfilled. I don’t think we will see a time that is any better than it is now. I just hope everybody reading this will be ready when Jesus comes back to Jerusalem and talks to all their family members and friends who will listen, so that they are ready to move on as well. It’s already in the planning so no use fretting about what we can do to turn the tables. Just have faith and never give up. If you haven’t watched Endtimes Ministries, please do so. It can help you know where we are in the big plan for the world.

    1. Amen, Doris.
      We watch both JD Farag and Amir Tsarfati and we can surely see Jesus’ return is soon, very soon. We see all the urgency in getting the entire world injected as simply a precursor to the eventual jab that will have the 666 in it… Thankfully when that one comes people will have to choose Jesus or the antichrist and worship the one they choose. Also, fortunately for Christians who have truly invited Jesus into their lives, we will have been taken up/raptured 3.5 years prior to the forced worship of the “beast”.
      Blockchain technology, AI, etc. are all part of the dark, insidious plan the evil one is working on right now.

  4. This is not him. You are in communication with the dark side. The Bible tells us in Ecc.9:5, “For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing.”

    1. Thanks for sharing that Juanita, I guess some people don’t know their scripures. Its a communication with the dark side! God doesn’t like it when we do that at all!

      1. I respectfully disagree. We could argue over the meaning of the translations of the words of any ancient scripture, but I won’t go there. At the very least the view expressed in Ecc 9:5 was superceded by the Ministry of Jeshua. IMHO, your view of God and Scripture is very limited. It is unfortunate that you allow an Authority beyond yourself to limit your Self.

    2. The Darkside? No, you are expressing your programming i.e., brainwashing. Mind to mind communication is real and the mind is outside of time and space. This is true based upon the evidence. Saying the Darkside shows a mind stuck in the Dark
      Ages of Ignorance and Superstition.

    3. Religious mind control aimed at keeping souls from the truth of their eternal nature. The veil between dimensions is as thin or as concentrated as you believe it to be. Our creator God didn’t make us to be ignorant of our Light and frightened of what lies within or incapable of discerning truth. Learned helplessness and blind belief is the dark side.
      ~ G o d is e v e r y t h I n g ! ~

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