Google Purge TRO

One Day Before the Election
Will Google / YouTube Restore the Purged?
Temporary Restraining Order Sought
Cris Armenta JD
Plaintiff’s Attorney

UPDATE: No Decision Monday.  Decision Expected on Tuesday, Election Day.
At the end of Oral Argument Judge Beth Labson Freeman stated, “I am inclined to deny this temporary restraining order.”
Plaintiffs’ attorneys are preparing an emergency appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Update #2:


The United States District Court for the Northern District of California will hold an emergency hearing Monday to determine whether YouTube will have to restore dozens of banned channels (with a combined reach of over 800 million views) pending litigation. This case involves the issue of the legal right of social media companies to censor their users speech under Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act.

You can listen to the hearing, live, here: – 9 AM PT, Monday Nov. 2nd. Share this information widely.  This case matters.  Recent indications from the Supreme Court suggests that the Court is ready to take on the censorship by social media platforms.  See Justice Thomas’ comments on the rejection of certification in the Enigma case:

Regarding the hearing Monday, please note, recordings and photos are not permitted.  Here is the Court Order:This case arose from the actions of several major social media platforms, just days before the USA elections, banning conservative and libertarian voices. The suit alleges violations of contract terms and of fundamental rights.

Just days before the hearing the US Supreme Court denied certification to another Section 230 case from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (the Enigma case), signaling that the law was being too broadly interpreted giving too much leeway to the social media service providers.  See:

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Cris Armenta Esq. and her partner Credence Sol, Esq. have handled a number of high-profile civil liberty cases.  You can read more about them at  — more about supporting the case here:

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