MUST WATCH 5 MIN VIDEO: COVID-19: You’ve Been Intentionally Misled

Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation October 28, 2020

COVID-19 Rules: We are all going to die! COVID-19 is the BIG ONE that will kill us all! Pray for the arrival of a vaccine – any vaccine! Shut down your business! Keep your kids at home! Wear a mask and, most important, don’t ask if any of this makes a single bit of sense! Bow you head! Turn off your mind! Accept that inaccurate tests measure “Cases” that equal “Illness” that equal “Deaths” and that there really, truly is a Pandemic! Accept everything!

Or, watch the excellent video above, think, ask questions and look at the narrative being continually pounded into our heads and wonder what’s behind it.

I am pretty sure you won’t like the answers, and the mind controllers won’t like that you have the answers but you have an urgent need to know. Right now.

3 thoughts on “MUST WATCH 5 MIN VIDEO: COVID-19: You’ve Been Intentionally Misled

  1. I agree with the message, however, CVD and the others mentioned (including Hospital/medical error) are not contagious/airborn/ on horizontal surfaces.!!! That’s where, for me, the convincing part of the narrative falls apart.
    Many many people who are freaked out feel that they can help themselves avoid CVD and other illnesses but that COVID 19
    isn’t predictable–it’s EVERYWHERE 😳 and all the other BS that the public has been fed. I think it would be better expressed in terms of the flu including the fact that the flu vaccine isn’t effective, and the number of people who die from the flu on an annual basis.
    I have shared this info with many “open minded” friends/progressives and am astounded that they think I”m brainwashed.
    Go Figure! Any idea when Nano Silver will be available?

  2. Such a misleading video! Comparing Covid-19 to ANY non-contagious illness is totally non-productive in advancing the position of anti-vacc’ers. While it certainly is true that a mere 240,000 people have died; claimed to have died from Covid complications, one need only to look at hospital capacity, ICU room overflow, and similar evidence to conclude that Covid-19 does present unique challenges to our healthcare system that heart disease, cancer and most other illnesses do not.
    I am sceptical of Covid’s origins and possible nefarious intentions, but as a practical matter the spread and mitigation of the disease is more clear. The idea that masks, social distancing and limiting mass indoor gatherings are not responsible for some degree of mitigation of an airborne disease is preposterous.
    As a senior, I have not taken shingles, pneumonia, nor flu shots. Does that make me an anti-vaxx’er, yep! I don’t trust the poorly developed trials or studies. I question the adjuvants added to vaccines.
    But please develop a video that is designed to persuade not insult my intelligence.

  3. According to Dolores Cahil [] PHD microbiolog ..and noting here that microbiolog knows much more than a doctor about virusues.. She says viruses does not spread with aerosolization.. As a matter of fact, Dr Andrew Kauffman [] talked about Flu trials at era of so called “Spanish Flu”. They took 3 flu patient in a jail. full with convicts.. And let them interact with convicts. Finally flu did not show any clue of contagiousness.. No convicts got flu..
    And final step, i thought about, my own life. I had interacted with my parents when they have flu.. I never got sick.
    I think today , some of the main stream science “facts” are written according to the requirements and needs of big pharma merchants and not based on the evidence. And today’s medical knowledge needs a good bleach..
    And we need to search even research, and re-research to find the needle of truth in the haystack.

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