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  1. Pass this along to every woman you know:
    (1) Do NOT get the shot if you don’t know whether you are pregnant or not (do a pregnancy test beforehand).
    (2) if you are NOT pregnant and wish to get the shot, use birth control (BOTH partners, especially if the male HAS had the shot). Do NOT stop using birth control until three months AFTER having had BOTH shots.
    (3) If you ARE pregnant, DO NOT GET THE SHOT(S) – PERIOD.
    (4l After the baby is born, if you’ve decided to breastfeed, DO NOT GET THE SHOTS UNTIL –>AFTER< the baby is no longer breastfeeding and NO UN-PROTECTED SEX with a male who's had the shots! (Men – wear a condom, PERIOD).
    And maybe you won't have an outcome like the many others who have already miscarried or given birth to dead babies.

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