It’s a Small World: Micro-tech in the Jabs?

Is what we are seeing micro-tech?

Disclaimer: The following article contains information alleging contamination of COVID-19 vaccines. We have sent this to Government Ministers and Medsafe but they have ignored multiple requests to meet.

Micro-tech? Short version.

There seem to be micro-scale possibly self-assembling electronic components in the Covid-19 jabs. We have seen pictures of this in the jabs given in New Zealand. This could provide further explanation for the harm already apparent. We have called on the government to stop the rollout immediately and investigate these findings. However, they won’t or can’t. So, we must act, and before who knows what happens next to people. Read the last few paragraphs, then see some of the images.

Micro-tech? Long version.

For some months we have watched with mounting alarm whilst evidence emerged from overseas groups of microscopic-sized gadgets and graphene compounds in all the current C-19 injections. Some awake Kiwis are aware of these scientists already. is a good starter. So it this. Everyone should watch these eminent German pathologists.

This information we received was high quality, of legal standard for court actions and completely consistent with the known state-of-the-art work in interfacing the human brain with technology. Much of this work has been driven by the world’s military, so that battlefield soldiers can assimilate more information, make smarter decisions and coordinate with ever more high-tech ways of killing other people. Tiresome topics like ‘neuro-ethics’ are being rationalised away, a bit like free speech.

Whatever the intent of this added extra, none of the billions vaccinated were ever asked, or gave their consent, to be ‘vaccinated’ with microscopic components, possibly of an electronic nature. We felt it urgent to confirm if the participants in our country were exposed to this tiny technology, but fearing the worst, given the global destinations from Pfizer factories.

Seeing for ourselves.

We bought a good microscope and had a look at some kindly donated unused vials, warmed to approximately body temperature. Lo and behold, after several hours of a drop drying and warming on a slide, from a possible soup of the very tiny lipid nanoparticles, we started to find geometric shapes appear, perfect right angles, and 3-D, like cut pastry. These objects did not appear organic and certainly not what is found in nature. If the vial contains RNA (made of up sugar, phosphate, carbon and nitrogen), some fat, salt and sugar then what are these man-made appearing microscopic objects?

Nature does not like straight line, and these structures looked precision cut, and very similar to images from the overseas expert science groups. Their spectroscopy already had confirmed the presence of graphene, aluminium and other elements not found in nature’s orgaic gallery.

Stupidly, we did not think to confirm “chain of custody” at the time, an essential step the police demand to agree to investigate claims of contamination. It’s gift wrapping the evidence and doing their job for them in our view, but experienced prosecutors absolutely demand it.

We kicked ourselves. There were clues of a possible crime beforehand though: the coup against informed consent and primum non nocere; the suppression of early treatments and doctors who tried to use them; the dreadful scale of death and injury flatly ignored by the governement; the cruelty and coercion of the mandates; using children ostensibly to shield the elderly and refusing further exemptions for people already wounded by their jabs. Most egregious is the possible weaponisation of the community against itself by a relentless military-grade psy-op, using cynical media messaging that would make Goebbels proud.

Back to our story, now becoming a bit 007. As we realised the stark truth of probably computerised Comirnaty, we heard of another group in New Zealand doing their own assessments, with more skill, training, and better gear. They trusted their technique and equipment, the implications of what they found really shoked us. They recorded what looked like circuit boards, chips, possible antenna arrays and routers and modems. Comirnaty looked less like a medicine and more like an Alibaba electronics catalogue. Videos clearly show glinting, and reflection from super flat surfaces, as in shiny metal or glass. There were identical structures repeated often, possibly wiring themselves together, and many tiny circular doughnut shapes that seemed to be the progenitor “egg” from which other structures would form. In one incredible sequence, there is what appears to be an assembly process in real time, possibly of a carbon nanotube, with tiny bots seeming to spin the end longer. Overseas teams postulate this may be synthetic DNA crystals being worked onto a nanotube.

To be clear, nano-scale means objects down to billionths of a meter, or millionths of a milimeter. Yes, scanning electron microscopes are required at this scale. Our microscopes observe down to micro-scale. A red blood cell is around 8 microns in diameter.

The microscope images show structures, shapes, geometry, symmetry and interconnectedness that do not occur in nature, or in other vaccines, as far as we can tell. Previous work has showed contaminants in other vaccines, but not of this nature.

Despite again lacking final proof of chain-of-custody of the samples provided, we were convinced that what we were seeing needed urgent investigation. Back in Wellington, on January 28th we called for an immediate meeting with officials and regulators to talk them through these stunning images. After initial agreement, their lawyers pulled them out with hours to go. So, we appealed to the Health Select Committee during a livestream, explaining serious health concerns and the regulators avoiding us. No-one rang us to follow up. We have subsequently sent 2 lawyer’s letters asking for a response from Ministers, including one Mr A. Little. Medsafe management appear to believe this is conspiracy theory and will not investigate further – and frankly maybe they can’t. Pfizer’s contract with the Government is said to include a clause forbidding any testing. This has been outed by whistle-blowers in other countries who have seen the Pfizer contracts.

These findings are so alarming that governments would be hard-pressed to find anyone in their right mind to consent to taking the jab, had they seen the evidence first.

Increasingly, overseas groups are finding the same micro-tech, reporting on the web and sleuthing the meaning. So we are not the first to bring this information to light. The European public, for instance, are waking up.

Remember that Pfizer and Moderna have negotiated the ‘legal’ right to withhold some ingredients. It may be legal, but it is surely not moral. We’ve done our bit trying responsibly to make the regulators and Government aware of this evidence, suggesting as it does further harmful ingredients in this witch’s brew. Maybe this is what is causing the harm, not just the spike protein, PEG, and untested lipids etc. The very people who could pull an immediate plug, as the rollout ploughs through our primary schoolers, are lost at sea. So, we are now presenting publicly in the hope that pressure can be brought for a full investigation. Many obvious but very unpleasant questions arise if we accept these images are real. We have to go to the police, with or without chain of custody proof that we are busting a gut to get it. Some police staff are aware of what we have found. Evidential files accepted by London’s Metropolitan police and the International Criminal Court also contain the overseas research, in addition to the evidence already gathered of the scale of harm, and alleged deception and fraud. We are in a position to make sworn statements that can at least get us through the station door, perhaps the one shoulder-barged on behalf of the vaccine injured at New Plymouth last week.

It is not for NZDSOS to surmise what this all represents despite our grave suspicions. It is for us however – versed in clinical sciences, research and lab work, governance, history and the human condition – to ask questions. Here’s one: what on earth is this stuff doing inside us? And another: how do the authorities know there is no risk to the public? Can they really afford to just hope that we are right and they are wrong.

Klaus Schwab, of the World Economic Forum, and his ilk have been writing for years in plain sight, of their ‘visions’ for humanity. Their ideas have been endlessly plugged and played over the internet. Based on the findings here, and already from Spain, Argentina, and the UK, are their musings of uploading human consciousness an actual smokescreen for a much more sinister downloading, of very high frequency bits and bytes that may take over a person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour – if not permanently damage the nervous system? The brain is where most of these injected micro-components will end up by the way, as it is a sponge for blood flow. Around a third of each heartbeat goes straight to the brain.

Your turn to look at the possible micro-tech.

Before viewing the images on the website the Kiwi science team have created, please remember the following:

  1. MOST INJECTED PEOPLE SEEM TO BE FINE, despite this being the most harmful vaccine in modern medical history. We discovered the Government planned for a 1.1% serious injury rate, which seems about ballpark. In our little country of few degrees of separation, most of the 99% will know of a serious adverse event. SO, FURTHER JABS MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY. Do not push your luck, particularly since Omicron is relatively mild and needs no treatment in most.
  2. The images are highly magnified, up to 4000x – the digital camera can magnify another 3 times over the optical lens system – and, yes, they can look scary, but the scariest thing is that people did this on purpose. We have yet to find any evidence that these appearances have occurred before Covid and may only be artefacts. We are open to the remote possibility that this is all a storm in a teacup, a constellation of incredible coincidences. That is our wish.
  3. If very smart – but very dark, it must be said – people can put this ‘plan’ together, then our brightest and best can figure out what needs to be done about it all. They need the funding, the equipment, the truth about hidden technologies, and to not be killed.
  4. If we accept the images are real, and do represent a deliberate implantation of secret technology, what else is waiting in the wings? Does the micro-technology become active straight away; is it really just ‘the way the world is going’ to enable peace and prosperity for all; or do all the 5G towers and constantly circulating new satellites have more to do than just allow our underwear to talk to our stereo via the Internet of Things? We thought that streaming movies downloaded fast enough already with coal-fired 4th Gen technology, but perhaps they are to be beamed directly into our heads. Well, we’ll take the remote control from you Mr Schwab et al, thanks very much.

Sardonic joking aside, it seems to us there is a range of possibilities that would fit the facts as alleged here, most of them a real danger to humanity, if it can still be labelled as such It is abundantly clear bu now that the real danger in all this is not coming from the unvaccinated.

PLEASE consider this information, despite any instinct to reject it, then make a conscious choice to accept we have been lied to, over and over, and on a monstrous scale.

Then please ACT. Demand that your local and national representatives investigate.

Whilst you still can.

We have not had time to catalogue and provide detailed descriptions here, suffice to say they are not normal and we pass on the responsibility to investigating authorities, and inform the public.

However, see the scientists’ images and a few of ours here.


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