Kill 5 G Before it Kills More of Us

Kill 5 G Before it Kills More of Us



This is Dr. Rima with an urgent message.  I need your help to keep a potentially lethal 5G (Pulsed Microwave) Tower, which has been built 20 feet from my house, from killing me. And, in return, I will share a powerful method which Counsel Ralph and I believe can, quite literally stop the 5G rollout nationwide. What we’ve learned from and their mentor, David Jose, is a game changer.

We are testing this method out and at the same time pushing back against a potentially lethal microwave weapon aimed at me. The truth is the 5G rollout allows this same weapon to be pointed at you and your family at any moment.

Let’s find out how this brilliant new Push Back works. If you’ve followed Natural Solutions Foundation for the past eighteen years you know we’ve proven that Push Back works. Now we have a brand new, shiny Push Back tool called “Notices and Affidavits”! With your help, because mass is critical here, we believe we reverse the deadly 5G rollout!

We have to help each other because, just as with the COVID-19 jab rollout, massive public resistance is the only thing that stops the juggernaut. We have to resist, in huge numbers.

The Notices and Affidavit program we are initiating with this email does just that.

The lie is 5G is being rolled out for superior wireless and internet service. The truth is that 5G is a military-grade surveillance tool and biological weapon. 5G degrades human, plant and animal health and more than 25,000 peer reviewed papers make that point – irrefutably.

Big Telecom has its dirty paws all over the regulatory agencies and legislators, just like Big Pharma, making direct action against them very difficult. Until now.

Searching for a mechanism to stop 5G at my corner, in Tucson, in Arizona and in the US (for starters) I believe we have found a powerful method that actually allows all of us, no matter where we live, to take united, concerted action against this monstrous invasion of our privacy and threat to our health.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that each of us has to take several steps to complete the process and secure the desired “Cease and Desist” from the 5G agents. We’ve streamlined the steps as much as possible.

Here are the steps:

1. Notice No. 1: open this link and fill-in the required information — . Click the button at the bottom You are now on a special form that allows you to sign Notice No. 1 electronically when you scroll down to the very bottom  and fill in your name, email and sign the document electronically. Click “Submit” and the “Send.”

Your signed copy of Notice No. 1 will be automatically emailed to the local government and Arizona legislators, Commissioners, Governor.

Remember, you can take this action NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE.

2. Notices Nos 2 and 3: We will let you know as soon as these additional notice are timely. You will send them the same way, using the same process as Notice No. 1. Each notice will have its own link.

At that point every relevant elected official and employee will have received your Notices.  In the event that they have not reversed their illegal actions, we will proceed to the Affidavit step. Again, it does not matter where you live. You protecting yourself and others by exercising your First Amendment Right to petition government for redress of grievances against government malfeasance.

3. Affidavit: Affidavits require one additional step (easy online notarization).  We will provide you with details if the Affidavits are necessary.  Frequently, Notices are sufficient to achieve the redress being sought.

Notices and Affidavits, legally speaking, are a very big deal.

You can listen to the Dr. Rima Truth Reports podcast with Deborah Boehm of the group Affidavit here:

Right now we urgently need your help in barraging the poorly performing officials and their helpers in Tucson AZ with compelling documents to force them to act in accord with the law. That means forcing them to stop endangering me or anyone else with 5G pulsed microwave surveillance and weapon systems.

Notice No. 1 is key. Share this link with everyone you can reach and urge them to act and share the link with their circles of influence.  We are all vulnerable to intrusive 5G surveillance and its devastating EMF damage! We need to protect each other.

It is time to deluge these criminally-misbehaving officials with legal Notices holding them personally responsible for their illegal activities.

Once again, spread this link everywhere!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima & Counsel Ralph

6 thoughts on “Kill 5 G Before it Kills More of Us

    1. 5 G has been rolled out where I live in Green Bay WI. They put a 5G post in my back yard without asking. I woke up at 6:30 am with severe vertigo, sweats, heart palpitations, throwing up and I cannot eat. This is so severe I am a total invalid right now. My phone service changed over to 5G today, so I know it is the 5G. My dog was even sick this morning. I have to do something…..HELP

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