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Dr. Rima Truth Report Guests for
8 March 2022 were t
he Affidavit Mommas

Background Note

I was asked by Dr. Laibow to review the Affidavit Mommas and their website, Disclosure:  over the next several weeks, expect further information about how the Affidavit Mommas program can help stop 5-G Tower imposition.  Are you interested?

Before describing the work of the Mommas, I ought to tell you that I am a retired lawyer (36 years practice) and considered myself a student of legal history.  I am aware of the ancient legal premises that the words with which you approach the legal system matters.  In old Rome, unless you knew the legal formulas (which only the Patricians knew) the Magistrates would ignore you.  The Patricians were the land-owning priest-lawyers of what would become the Roman Empire.  Beware of any society that considers law sacred and lawyers to be priests.

Later in history the old forms of action at the Common Law were treated as sacrosanct; if you did not plead exactly right, you were out of court.

But all throughout that history one principle remained, that the victim of wrongdoing could engage in peaceable self-help to redress grievances. Acts of malfeasance, mal-administration, malicious harm, were subject to redress as a trespass, as an “ultra vires” (beyond the power) act.

In the commercial world the Uniform Commercial Code recognizes a process of negotiation which is similarly grounded in ancient law principles, including, “Silence is acquiescence.”

Thus, one would offer to contract by submitting, say, a Purchase Order or other instrument.  The other party would reply with a counter offer. And it would go back and forth.  At some point one party would send money or goods and the other would accept.  If no one objected, the last communication was considered binding as a contract.

This is a part of the basis for the self-help process the Affidavit Mommas are teaching.

The process is to seek redress of grievances, as guaranteed by the First Amendment. If a public servant has engaged in mal-administration, or condoned it, by notarized Affidavit a complaint is made and redress is demanded — and a penalty is proposed for failure to comply or reply. If the Affidavit is ignored the notice is repeated.  If the repeated notice is ignored, the public servant is deemed in default and dishonor.

The public servant is then notified regarding their failure to abide by the law, citing common law and statutory laws that hold them as an “indentured trustee” to all the provisions of constitutional, statutory, case and common law. An “indenture” by the way is another example of a common law form.

Section 242 of Title 18, USC, enforces the 14th Amendment provision that no citizen may be deprived of rights guaranteed by the Constitution and Laws of the United States, and that no person may be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, is a key to this process.

It appears to me that the primary purpose of the Affidavit is to put the public servant on notice of the violation of rights. Without formal notice the public servant may remain willfully ignorant of the mal-administration.  With notice, there is no excuse. The person seeking redress has exhausted administrative remedies and is positioned to seek redress, relying on a presumption that the complaint is valid.

This note is not intended to give legal advice; it represents my understanding of the work of the Affidavit Mommas. You should visit their website —  — and decide for yourself. And listen to the Dr. Rima Truth Reports — the Unmasked Crusaders, they are this week’s guest.  Here is how to listen live or archive:

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  1. I’m definitely interested. I’ve tracked 4G and 5G for several years and practice several of the safety precautions. I’ve been to my City Council and made a presentation. I talk with many people, including people at AT&T stores. This is a massive, silent killer of all forms of life that few people know anything about. I saw a survey that found only about 2% of the participants were even interested or felt they had any need for 5G technology. As you know, it’s all about $$$$ and population reduction (just like the “vaccines”). Thank you for your service to freedom.

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