Kiwi freedom fighters Billy TK and Vinny Eastwood arrested in Auckland

Billy TK Jnr at the Auckland protest on Wednesday.


NEW Zealand’s two leading pro-freedom activists Billy Te Kahika and Vinny Eastwood, have been arrested and were being held in custody on Wednesday night following an anti-lockdown protest in Auckland. A third person, Debbie Bartlett, was also arrested.

The charges allege offences against the Covid 19 Response Act which bans gatherings under level 4 restrictions, announced because of seven “cases” of Covid linked to an Auckland man who allegedly has “the Delta variant”, which Australian health authorities cannot distinguish from the phoney SARS-Cov-2 “novel corona virus”.

The protest was held outside the outside building of the Ardern tyranny cheer squad, TVNZ. New Zealand’s mainstream media cheers on everything done by the “charming” Kiwi COVID dictator Ardern, who is a personal friend of Bill and Melinda Gates and funneled tens of millions of taxpayer funds to their foundation and the Clinton Foundation.

Auckland has been plunged into the lockdown over three co-called cases. The lockdown also mandates mask wearing and locks people in their homes. On Tuesday night after the lockdown announcement thousands of cars were seen heading south from Auckland to country locations.

Popular online broadcaster Vinny Eastwood who was recently a victim of YouTube censorship probably facilitated by Ardern’s friends in the Gates-Clinton criminal network.Source:

The exodus was recorded by Eastwood and Te Kahika in a livestream as they drove north into the city. The mass exit from Auckland prompted locals in one small town on the Coromandel Peninsula to block the road. But police took advantage of the situation to turn the motorists back.

Shortly before his arrest at the protest Te Kahika said he had been issued with a warning that he did not understand or stand under. “I do not stand under the jurisdiction of a corrupt government,” he told the crowd. “Now I accept that the police have a job to do, but what they are doing is wrong – there is no doubt about it. And I know if I get a $4000 fine you’ll pay it for me.” Protesters cheered in response.

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