NZ Podcast Satirist Vinny Eastwood and Maori Leader Billy TK Silenced by Tyrants

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Here is our 2 hour July 2021 interview with Vinny and Billy:

A few days after Vinny Eastwood and Billy Te Kahika appeared on the Dr. Rima Truth Reports last month (August 2021) Vinny and Billy were arrested in New Zealand. 

They were arrested for violating NZ’s COVID lockdown laws which apparently forbid public political expression.  Since the arrests we have sought information about these two Freedom Fighters, noting that there were several articles the day after [1] but no follow-up and no word.  We reached out by email and over Skype, finally writing and calling the NZ Embassy and calling the NZ National Police. The police suggested we contact Interpol if we were concerned about Vinny and Billy!

Yesterday the NZ police got back to us.  This is what we can report:

Paul from Police Communications Center

Billy Te K has been on faceBook during the last month according to Paul from Police Communications Center. [Apparently they are monitoring him.]

For Vinney, “There are conditions in place and he is not allowed to use the internet” so they have not disappeared, but they are not responding.

When will Vinny and Billy be allowed to speak freely?  When will New Zealand rejoin the Free Nations of the World (if there are any of those remaining)? When did New Zealand start banning people?

COVID is not about a “pandemic disease” with a 98+% survival rate.  It is about tyranny.  It’s just that simple.

Link to Vinny’s website:


Previous story:

21 September 2021

Kia ora and Greetings from NZ dear Brother Ralph:
I hope this email finds both you and sister Rima in God’s mighty care and well. I am sorry for the delayed contact as I now focus on my Ministry work and finalising being ordained as a Ministering Pastor which is a great blessing and working on my farm.
I would love to connect with you and Rima as soon as possible to discuss my work and to reconnect for an update.   I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards in His Mighty Name.
Billy Te Kahika
22 September 2021
I was finally able to speak to Billy and Vinny today.  Vinny confirmed that, as a condition of bail, he is not allowed on the Internet, where he earns his living.  Here are my notes from my calls to each of them:
On the phone with Billy. Vinny and he were “cell by cell” for a day in the main Auckland Jail. Vinny suffering from PTSD.
They were each under house arrest for 18 days as part of bail.
Vinny has been banned from Internet.
It’s OK for us to contact Amnesty International on his .
They are banned from communicating with each other.
On the phone with Vinny who is concerned about his family and his wife’s health.  Their entire community is under lockdown and he cannot get his wife to doctor.  He is having other medical conditions too.
Nonetheless, Vinny’s quips start flowing:  “There was Ghandi and Mandela, and now there is Vinny.”
“Being banned is like being at summer camp with no Internet.”
I am laughing nonstop
OK to contact AI
Our nest step will be contacting Amnesty International.

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