La Soufriere Volcano Erupts

When the La Soufriere Volcano Erupts, the
Island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean
Sits Up and Takes Notice – and Leaves.

Friday, La Soufriere began erupting, sending a column of ash 20,000 feet into the air.

Cruise ships were called in by the Prime Minister, Ralph Gonsalves, to evacuate those deemed worthy of saving, that is, according to his direction, ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN “VACCINATED” “against” COVID-19..

Those too sick, or too young or too poor – or too smart – to have received the dangerous, experimental jabs would be left to their own devices, to live or die on the island.

The sheer stupidity, inhumanity and impulsive absurdity of the Prime Minister’s edict is hard to wrap a logical mind around.

According to WHO, of the slightly more than 100,000 people living on St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 10,850 have received at least one dose of the experimental jabs.

So Prime Minister Gonsalves has just condemned 90% of the population of his nation to abandonment and possible death.

Oddly, that just so happens to be the percentage of desired population reduction by the Agenda 20/30 crowd.

And, oddly, during an emergency session of the Tribunal for Natural and Common Law for Public Health and Justice of which both Counsel Ralph and Dr. Rima are participating Judges, they learned that valuable metals and rare earths were discovered on St Vincent and the plan of the globalists was to drive the inhabitants off their lands and begin mining these precious resources after the occupants had been driven off and their lands seized.

The Tribunal was also informed by a Caribbean-based Judge that it was believed that the volcano had been stimulated with high tech weaponry to erupt, setting this chain of events in motion. This report, although convincing, has not yet been confirmed.

What is confirmed is that the Prime Minister of this tiny nation has somehow decided to cavalierly create a jab-based genocide and we, the people of the planet, must not allow this to happen.

What can you do? 

First, share this story using this link: and post it everywhere.

Second, remember that this is the plan that the Would Be Controllers have in mind for all of us. it is absolutely essential to assert your right of Informed Consent correctly and vigorously. That is the reason that the Natural Solutions Foundation created the Advance Vaccine Directive Card.  Learn more about how to get and use that powerful resource here: LINK.

Third, set up an on-going monthly contribution to the work of the Natural Solutions Foundation. Set up a recurring contribution via Paypal to or send a check made out to Natural Solutions to us at:

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Drop us a note or letter telling us what you think, it will get read since Dr. Rima processes all mail herself.

We cannot let these people be sacrificed as just another part of the Jabocide (that’s Jab Genocide). It’s up to us to stop it.

And make sure to check our news aggregation site,, frequently.  You’ll find powerful information there you cannot find anywhere else.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Counsel Ralph

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