LA Still Endangered by Porter Ranch Gas Field Leak?

[Image from Late 2015]

Our Previous Report in February:


Reports circulating the Internet* suggest that the world’s largest natural gas storage field leak, declared stopped last month, may still be leaking and thereby continuing to poison residents in the Los Angeles suburb of Porter Ranch. Hundreds report becoming sick upon returning to their homes after the leak was alleged to have been capped.

ZeroHedge quoted an AntiMedia report,

 “Though these symptoms are pronounced, neither SoCalGas nor the Department of Public Health has offered a definitive explanation of what is causing them. In fact, Dr. Cyrus Rangan, Director of the Bureau of Toxicology and Environmental Assessment at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, recently issued a “Health Update” to “primary care, urgent care, internal medicine, and emergency medicine providers” in the area cautioning them against conducting tests on patients with symptoms.

The advisory, dated Tuesday, March 8, requested that healthcare professionals “look for alternate etiologies other than air contamination,” and “avoid performing any toxicological tests,” claiming “these are not recommended and are unlikely to provide useful data for clinical evaluation of patients.””

The ZeroHedge article continues,

“As Porter Ranch residents continue to deal with the fallout from the months-long environmental disaster, communities around the country face similar battles. From the increasing number of communities plagued with unsafe levels of lead (among other chemicals) in their water and soil, to the radioactive leaks in New York, Florida, and elsewhere across the country, Americans face an increasingly apparent, non-partisan struggle against aging, dangerous infrastructure — and the apathetic, often negligent authorities and corporate hegemons responsible for maintaining it.

In Porter Ranch, SoCalGas and public officials have, at least, begun to acknowledge something is still amiss in the community. As Pakucko [spokesperson for  Save Porter Ranch]  told Anti-Media:

They’ve stopped saying everything’s fine. I’ve got two words for ‘everything’s fine’: Flint, Michigan.””



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