I confidently and proudly say that I have a fully unvaccinated child.

I feel this post has been a long time coming. I’ve been waiting for the right time to share this. After a couple of weeks of intense learning, connecting with like-minded souls and feeling empowered, I feel the ‘right’ time is now.

If you are a parent who has ever felt patronized, who has been bullied or even disowned because you don’t follow the crowd, you choose to listen to your parental intuition, you are a free-thinker, you question the system, you do your own research and you go against the grain….I HEAR you, I feel you and I am writing this blog article for us.

This is probably the most honest and heart-felt post I have written to date. This is my perspective which has been shaped by my experiences. As a Mum who is passionate about shedding light, love and truth, I feel I need to share this with the world.

Before I fell pregnant I started to do my own research into vaccines. In the years leading up, I had a profound awakening in regards to my diet and lifestyle. Health became a top priority for myself. I knew before I had a family of my own, something in my soul was urging me to dig deeper and find out more about the vaccine issue.

I’ve lost count of all the hours I have dedicated and still dedicate to vaccine research. In my household we speak about vaccines daily because we are constantly doing research and constantly searching for the truth. For me, it is imperative to keep abreast of all vaccine information and to never stop learning.

When I was pregnant, the thought of injecting a concoction of synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients into my body while I was growing another little body did not sit well with me. My intuition knew that while I was creating the biggest miracle of my life, there was no way I would feel right receiving any kind of vaccine, even though I was strongly advised to, I politely declined. By the time my son came into this world, my husband and I had extensively researched both sides of the vaccine story. We knew we could confidently make the decision NOT to vaccinate nor did he receive the vitamin K shot at birth.

It was not a decision we made lightly. I lost sleep over it, I checked and rechecked both sides of the argument. I knew there were risks with either decision and the possibility of losing friendships over a choice we had made for our son.

Choosing to vaccinate or not, is one of the biggest decisions a new parent will make for their child. I strongly believe being truly informed and well-researched is a MUST. That is why I continually post vaccine information on my Instagram page (tays_way_) to help other parents find balanced, unbiased, and independent resources with no ties to the pharmaceutical industry and no conflicts of interest.

My husband and I know that what we have decided for our son, how we raise him and choose to protect him, is what is right and best for him.


The constant fear-mongering by the government, media and medical establishment, doesn’t work on us. We have done our homework. We will not be intimidated or pressured into vaccinating our son. We know too much and we cannot ignore what we know now.

Sadly, the reality is there are a lot of people who would view our way of protecting our son, strange at best and criminal at worst.

Personally, I am tired of the stereotype and I am over the stigma that comes with raising an unvaccinated child.

My son is an absolute picture of HEALTH. He rarely feels unwell. He has never taken a pharmaceutical drug or antibiotic because he doesn’t need to. His immune system is robust and resilient. His body knows how to heal itself by itself. My son is a vibrant, thriving little human and I am so proud to be his Mum.


If it came down to it, I could say that I vaccinate my son at least 6 times a day. It’s called BREASTMILK. Too many of us underestimate the power this liquid gold has in transferring messages between you and your baby to help fight infections, protect them and prevent dis-ease. Every day I make a conscious effort to make sure my son has the best possible chance to thrive physically and mentally. Every waking thought goes into building strong foundations of health, reducing his toxin exposure and nurturing his microbiome. I have a group of holistic practitioners in place who I trust to take the very best care of my son and keep him well.

Here’s the thing.

A big part of the problem and misconception surrounding unvaccinated people is the media and government. They are constantly pitting parent against parent. Time and time again it is the same old story of the ‘pro-vaxxers’ battling it out with the ‘anti-vaxxers’.

Why can’t we come together, as parents who simply want to do the best by their own child, whatever their vaccination status. Why don’t we listen to each other instead of labelling each other. Help each other instead of hurling abuse at one another. The whole ‘debate’ can get so toxic and heated that it doesn’t do anyone any favours.

Enough is enough. I say we drop the stigma and do the research.

Stop blaming unvaccinated people and start asking questions like why are we still seeing outbreaks of “vaccine-preventable diseases” in highly vaccinated populations? If vaccines are truly effective like we are told they are and the “best” way to protect our children, then why do vaccinated people still contract the very disease they’re supposedly immune from.

In current reports 95% of children in Australia are vaccinated. Which tells us that our vaccination rate here is very high. This would then mean that our ‘herd immunity’ should be very strong and efficient, if vaccine-induced herd immunity theory really is true.

This theory however is contradicted by the number of outbreaks we are seeing across Australia of the supposed vaccine-preventable diseases.

If only 5% are unvaccinated, it is more than likely a vaccinated child would never come into contact with an unvaccinated child which means that if we are still seeing outbreaks, the vaccinated can and do spread disease, and compromise the herd.

Even on vaccine package inserts it warns if people are recently vaccinated to stay away from the immuno-compromised because vaccines shed the disease. A prime example of this is the MMR vaccine.

So are we really going to keep blaming the 5% of the population?

It is my hope that soon the blaming and shaming will come to an end.

That a time will come where we don’t let the media control or dictate our thoughts and we start to critically think for ourselves.

I am not trying to tell parents what to do nor would I ever say not to vaccinate. What I am trying to do is encourage parents to look at the full range of information so that you are empowered to make fully informed choices for your loved ones, whatever that choice may be.

I respect any parent who makes decisions for their children out of pure love and protection. I can only hope that after this post I will receive the same respect back.

As a Mum who is fiercely passionate about the health of her son, I know I have my son’s best interests at heart. Not the government, not the media and not the vaccine industry. I know my baby best. I am guided by my motherly instincts, I am fearless for him and I will always stand up for what is right for him.


I am grateful to have found my ‘Mum Tribe’ who feels the same way as I do. I keep them close and know when times get tough, we can lean on each other for support and strength. However, I know there are many Mums out there who feel alone. Who don’t feel supported and feel misunderstood.

This is why I urge you to speak up and SHARE your experiences with others. It’s time to BE BRAVE. Don’t hide and don’t fear other people’s opinions. Let us not mistake the opinion of the majority as truth and don’t take things personal from people who don’t know you personally.

Every parent I have spoken to who chooses not to vaccinate their children, constantly validate my thoughts in that we all have a familiar story in common.

Our unvaccinated children are rarely sick, they don’t suffer from health conditions such as asthma, eczema, gut issues, allergies, ear infections, disorders, developmental delay or autism. Our children are healthy, they are well. They hold strong and resilient immune systems.

So have the courage to live and speak your truth.

Your story is your message to the world, be strong in your convictions and confident in your educated voice.

You never know who you are inspiring and who you are helping to find out the truth about vaccines.

Source: https://taysway.org/2017/01/31/lets-drop-the-stigma-and-do-the-research/


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