Lost Arts Radio Show #102 – Special Guest Dr. Toni Bark

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Dr. Toni Bark: Homeopathy, Vaccines, Lifestyle Upgrades and Health Freedom

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 1/8/17

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Dr. Toni Bark

This Sunday our second show of the New Year features internationally known homeopathic physician Toni Bark, M.D. Dr. Bark took part in our three-way panel on autism and neurological problems, and this week she gives us an inside look at her own unique medical practice. Like all the best doctors, she is an educator for her patients, and for the public through her you tube videos and blog (www.disease-reversal.com). Setting an inspiring example for other doctors to follow, she helps patients become independent, able to maintain their own good health, instead of becoming dependent on perpetual doctor visits.

Dr. Bark will tell the story of what led her into medical practice and why she chose homeopathy instead of conventional drug-centered allopathic medicine. She will be explaining homeopathy, and what special protocols she uses with her own patients, including her tips for getting more energy and natural immunity from everyday informed lifestyle choices. She will also have more to say on vaccination, specifically addressing questions on whether smallpox and polio were really eradicated by vaccination, her views on forced vaccination of populations, to prevent the spread of infectious disease, and many more issues critical for you to know to protect your own and your family’s health.

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