Lost Arts Radio Show #105 – Special Guests Barrie Trower and Virginia Farver

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Can We Solve The EMF Pollution Problem? Barrie Trower and Virginia Farver

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 1/29/17

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Barrie Trower

On this Sunday’s show, we bring you two of the super stars, Barrie Trower and Virginia Farver educating the public on the issue of EMF pollution and what we could do to avoid as much of its damage to our bodies, minds and emotions as possible. Radiation from smart meters, cell phones and all wi-fi devices is creating the growing blanket of EMF smog that interferes with our bodies’ delicate electrical fields and intercellular communications, affecting every one of our biological functions. Even plants, animals, insects and other life forms are negatively affected, as Josh del Sol documented in his great movie ‘Take Back Your Power’ (www.takebackyourpower.net).Virginia Farver and her husband Craig (holding a picture of their son)

Once we get educated to the point of realizing we have become dependent on using technology that has extremely destructive effects on our health and even on our thoughts and emotions, the question comes up, what can we do about it? Suggestions are made to “minimize” our use of these harmful technologies, but the best we can hope for is to slow the destruction, not turn it around. Plans to blanket the world with cell towers are moving forward. Real solutions are needed immediately.

Imagine for a minute a fantasy that, in America and other parts of the world, political leaders were emerging that did not want to sell out to the global rulers, but really wanted to help their people get back their national sovereignty, freedom, prosperity and health. Hey, wait a minute, that’s really happening! So we need to educate these receptive leaders in areas like health effects of EMF that they may not fully understand, and give them practical options that could help rid their countries and the world of these health-destroying technologies, without losing all the positive benefits and conveniences that they provide us. That’s what this program is about: what could we propose, and could it work?

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