Looking for us?

Looking for us?

Then you know we’ve been offline for more than a week.  
We were savagely attacked.  Again. We’re that good!

Keep The Good Ship Health Freedom Afloat
To Fight the Good Fight!

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Today Virginia’s proposed vax-mandate-without-exemptions died a well-deserved death in the Virginia House. Next, we must defeat similar attacks on Informed Consent in places like Texas.

Earlier in the month President Trump met with Dr. Andrew Wakefield (who had been persecuted for telling the truth about vaccine risks),  met with and appointed Robert F. Kennedy, Jr to head a special commission on vaccine safety.

The TPP (terrible Trans Pacific Partnership) is no longer, at least as far as the US, its dominant dog, is concerned.

Why? Because of you – and NSF!

Our year long campaign to raise public awareness of the importance of your universal right to Informed Consent is making headway. By the many thousands, health freedom supporters took our action item to demand vaccine freedom of choice, specifically demanding that the Trump Transition End Vax Mandates: http://tinyurl.comvaccinepolicy. Keep taking it because this action item also goes to your state and federal legislators to make sure they know where you stand on forced vaccination.

But there is a price to pay for this successful opposition: the Big Boys play extra rough with us.  They inserted absolutely vicious malware in our site so that as we migrated it to a new “safer” server, the web site was destroyed.

That meant that while we can still continue to send out emails (from a different system than our site) we could not refer you to our site, or to our store, or ask for the donation we rely upon to keep up the good fight and make the health products you need available to you.

Our store is where you can purchase the wonderful Dr. Rima Recommends™ Nano Silver that can keep you alive (literally) and helps to keep us alive.  You see, every bottle supports your immune system while it contributes to our ability to continue our work.

So we created another option for you to get the Nano Silver we both need you need you to purchase:


It gets even better. You see, the work, school and travel vax mandates that you’re being faced with vanish –poof– when you assert your universal  informed consent.  The Advance Vaccine Directive is your mechanism for asserting that informed consent correctly. This is another way we are supporting your health and freedom — we need your help in return.

Every member of your family needs an AVD card of their own.  When you order them, we’ll send you instructions on how to use them.

Once again, we are supporting your health and freedom and appreciate your support in return.

Here’s the link again: http://donate.drrimatruth.com

Go there now and help us help you stay free and healthy.

The Big Guys are not your friends.  We are and we certainly are not going to let them sink the Good Ship Health Freedom!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima Laibow MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

PS – The President of the Foundation, my dear husband, General Stubblebine, continues to improve and is responding well to the intent of his current hospital staff:  the recovery of each patient.

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