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Technologies Trump Needs to Release: Ken Rohla talks with Lost Arts Radio

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 2/12/17

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Ken Rohla

There’s a reason I invited our friend Ken Rohla (www.freshandalive.com) on for this Sunday’s show, and it’s connected to current events, unfolding around us. Excitement builds among those who see the incredible courage being displayed daily by America’s new president, Donald Trump, in the face of constant attack by media and Washington insiders around him. Naming a commission to investigate vaccine safety (which doesn’t exist) and scientific integrity behind official vaccine testing (also non-existent) was a declaration by Mr. Trump that he is not afraid of the mega-mafias that have hijacked America, and is willing to engage them head on for the good of the country, and by example the rest of the world. While the entire media joins forces, forgets their supposed “differences” in order to do everything possible to slander Donald Trump, misrepresent his programs and encourage his assassination, those who see through their façade know this is an incredible point in history, and we are seeing a man with the potential to become America’s greatest president. And that is after only his first few days in office.

Remember, we have talked repeatedly about the “government seal of approval program.” Donald Trump, hated by top Republican and Democrat leadership, all of the “left” and “right” fake media and others running the criminal cartels that have taken over control of America and most of the world and are pushing race war and rioting for unity and peace, these things show he clearly has that approval. Understand that if the terrible things being said were actually true, the media and all those people would love and support him.

Ken Rohla, as most of our regular listeners already know, is an extraordinary engineer/inventor/health teacher, internationally known speaker and more. He has unusual perception and awareness into the arena of advanced technologies of many kinds, from those required for cleaning up nuclear sites like Fukushima, to those that can help with natural health protocols and protection against chemtrail fallout and cell tower radiation. Many of us are working on projects to get key information to Donald Trump, directly into his hands so that it cannot be blocked, and he has already shown he is receptive to acquiring new understanding in many areas. My idea is to ask Ken what technologies he would like to see given to Mr. Trump, to use for the benefit of America and the world. Our discussion with Ken will start there, and go wherever it needs to go.

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