Lost Arts Radio Show #111 – Special Guest Katie Singer

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Author Katie Singer: The Truth About Wi-Fi Devices, Cell Phones, and the Bio-Effects of EMF and Microwaves

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 3/12/17

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Katie Singer

When recent Lost Arts Radio guest Virginia Farver asked me if I had tried to get Katie Singer (www.electronicsilentspring.com) on the show, I had to admit I was not familiar with Katie’s work, or her book An Electronic Silent Spring. If I had read the book or heard Katie talk on YouTube, I would have wanted to get her on the show long before this. Virginia helped me get in touch with Katie, who graciously agreed to do a show with us. She also sent me a copy of her book to read before the show, which I did. I found the book to be so incredibly well done and informative that I did not want to stop reading, and finished it in a couple of days between other work. It is a major reference work of value to anyone interested in the issues of microwave technologies and EMF pollution.

I consider myself somewhat well-informed on the Wi-Fi, EMF issues, due to our great guests and my own research. But Katie’s book showed me there was a vast amount I didn’t know. I consider her book on a par with Rachel Carson’s 1962 classic Silent Spring, after which An Electronic Silent Spring is named. They are both amazing compendiums of knowledge that are of life or death importance to all creatures on our planet. Rachel Carson warned about the rise of deadly chemicals that would pollute all life on Earth and could eventually end it. Katie Singer warns about the same magnitude of danger from microwave radiation and unnatural magnetic fields that accompany the technologies that recently emerged on our planet and are bathing us with increasingly intense life-damaging energy. In both cases, government has pretended to regulate the new materials and technologies for the benefit of humanity, but has worked, and is working, in close partnership with the industries that are poisoning the Earth, and us. We will also ask Katie to look at what we as individuals and groups can do to minimize the damage, in hopes of turning the whole situation around while there is yet time.

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