NO JAB? NO CHOICE! Petitioning Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull

If the Turnbull government plans to further “No Jab, No Pay, No Play” to exclude all unvaccinated children from childcare and preschool. Then I first ask that Malcolm Turnbull:

  1. Meet with Individuals and families who have experienced adverse events following vaccination. On camera and in mainstream media. It seems only fair to show both sides, given he has met with a parent of a child who died from an infectious disease.
  2. Personally read each of the thousands of submissions (from parents, lawyers, religious groups, immunologists, doctors, paediatricians and more)  that opposed the “No Jab, No Pay” bill at the senate inquiry held late 2015.
  3. Put in place a no fault vaccine injury compensation scheme. This was recommended alongside the “No Jab, No Pay” but still has not been implemented.
  4. Prove that the unvaccinated are causing the spread of infectious diseases.
  5. Publicly acknowledge that some vaccines shed and therefore vaccine recipients can cause the spread of infectious diseases.
  6. Publicly acknowledge that vaccines are categorised as unavoidably unsafe. Hence acknowledge that if he enforces 100% vaccination rates then some children will be injured or die as a result of vaccines.
  7. Commission a study into the total health outcomes of the vaccinated v’s unvaccinated based on the current immunisation schedule.

Coercion is not the way to increase immunisation rates in the vaccine hesitant. There needs to be truth and transparency. The truth is that vaccines have risks and WHERE THERE IS RISK THERE MUST BE CHOICE.

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