Lost Arts Radio Show #112 – Special Guest Michelle Ford

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Michelle Ford, Founder of V.I.A.L. – Truth Or Lie (You Decide): “Vaccines are Safe and Effective”

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 3/19/17

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Michelle Ford

Parents whose children get injured or killed by vaccines are usually in shock and disbelief. “How could a safe and effective, cutting edge preventive medical treatment ever hurt my child,” they ask. This is exactly the experience Michelle Ford (www.v-ial.org) had when her daughter was damaged by vaccines on at least two separate occasions, after reassurances from her pediatrician that there was no danger to worry about. Then reality happened, and the doctor was at least honest enough to identify vaccination as the cause of the problem. Unfortunately the doctor was not ready to fully realize that the vaccine was literally a cocktail of poisons and foreign DNA, not suitable to inject into the human body at all. “Changing the schedule” of vaccines for Michelle’s daughter was the best solution she could think of. That’s why there was more than one injury.

It took years before Michelle fully realized what was going on with the vaccine industry and its collusion with criminal figures in the California government. When laws began to be proposed and passed, taking away parents’ rights to protect their own children from the potentially deadly harm of vaccines by choosing whether or not their children should be vaccinated, Michelle began very serious research into the real dangers involved.

By the end of 2014, Michelle had taken the step to found Vaccine Injury Awareness League (V.I.A.L.), to educate the general public and parents in particular. The real information required for parents to make good decisions regarding vaccination was clearly being hidden from them by government agencies and the medical industry, and Michelle’s group would be formed to help remedy that situation. Now VIAL is joining forces with other high level leaders of the vaccine awareness movement, and is getting ready for a major event in Washington, D.C. near the end of this month.

In the midst of busy preparations for this powerful meeting of parents, educators and concerned citizens from all over the country and beyond, we are honored that Michelle Ford, founder of VIAL, will take time out to visit with Lost Arts Radio for an exclusive discussion on this vital body of information and the assault on our children’s health being carried out by government and the vaccine industry. Please join us to welcome Michelle to Lost Arts Radio this Sunday.

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