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Fluoride Reduces Tooth Decay? Not If You Live in Europe

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Like vaccines, fluoridation is an “obvious good” [sic]  bringing vast public health “benefits” to enormous numbers of people. Except that, like vaccination, fluoridation is neither safe nor based on real science, despite the vast propaganda efforts which have been so successful at creating public irrational knee-jerk support for both of of these examples of pseudo-science in support of crony corporate profits.

One of the supposed advantages conferred by fluoride is reduced tooth decay (e.g., dental caries). The industrial servant and propaganda agency known as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) continues to justify the use of fluoride in water, toothpaste, food , drugs and vaccines by pointing to the 50 year decline in US dental cavity incidence, coincident with fluoridation efforts.

Fluoridation cheerleaders have a major problem: European tooth decay rates have plummeted at the same rate over the same 50 year period. That includes those European countries that do not fluoridate their water supplies!

Europe has followed the science, not the propaganda and mostly eliminated – or never instituted – water fluoridation for more than 90% of its population. “At present 97% of the western European population drinks non-fluoridated water. This includes: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland and 90% of the UK and Spain. Although some of these countries fluoridate their salt, the majority of them do not.” *

Better nutrition, hygiene and dental care account for the precipitous drop in decay in both the US and Europe. But industry and government pressure to dispose of highly toxic fluoride and fluoride by-products in the dumping grounds of our bodies rather than paying huge commercial disposal fees for the safe and legal disposition of pesticide and nuclear byproducts controls government policy which, in turn, supports a propaganda effort of enormous magnitude.

Studies demonstrating fluoride’s significant toxicity to brain, bone, tooth, endocrine, reproductive, cognitive and immune structure and function are legion but ignored by the propaganda machine’s continuing onslaught.

More than 50 studies show that fluoride lowers IQ significantly, for example.

The deception that fluoride has a place in human nutrition – any place – has a long history, including its desirable ability to create apathetic and obedient people taught by the overseers of Stalin’s Siberian political gulags to their then allies, the Nazis. Fluoride is, literally, a Nazi/Soviet mind control drug!

The US story on fluoride deception, however, has another major root: the development of the atomic bomb.

Frantic to avoid the negative publicity to its fledgling nuclear program – indeed, to avoid ANY publicity to it since it was super -secret, the US government had to find a suitable way to approach an enormous problem: Atomic Bomb Production which left huge amounts of fluoride  to be disposed of into water and soil. Around the Dupont Deepwater plant where the early atomic bomb efforts were being carried out, the results were cataclysmic. Poisoned crops, soil and fluoride-toxic people resulted in  numerous lawsuits for redress against the government for the harm to their livelihoods and lives.

The response of the US government was two- fold. First, settle with the plaintiffs for trifling amounts to make them go away quickly and quietly and, second, to pump up the for-profit and for-propaganda “science” convincing anyone asking questions that fluoride was safe and effective at preventing cavities. Neither is even close to the truth.

Government scientists of the time were urged to produce fraudulent studies showing the [non-existent] safety of fluoride. Internal government memos, now declassified, make clear that the results were predetermined for these studies and the drums were beaten by the propaganda arm of the government although the science of fluoride dangers was already well established.

When World War II ended and the Operation Paperclip fluoride scientists joined the throng of Nazi doctors operating in the US, the pathways for further falsification of data like the Newburgh NY and Salt Lake City UT studies purporting to demonstrate that people drinking fluoridated water were healthier than their matched controls was already well-smoothed with lies of convenience and government support for public misinformation.

The parallels to vaccine deceit are inescapable and deeply alarming. Both fluoride and vaccines should be completely avoided. Towns and municipalities are dropping fluoridation although the process requires fierce citizen participation. Children who are not vaccinated are demonstratively healthier than vaccinated children.

Personal choices to avoid fluoridated products and liquids are not difficult to make through simple label reading.

Vaccines, both mandated and otherwise, can be avoided through the use of the Advance Vaccine Directive, invoking and asserting the guaranteed and protected right of Informed Consent.

For More information on how to obtain and use the Advance Vaccine Directive, Click here: http://TinyURL.com/AVDcard

But there is more that we can do: vaccine mandates, like water system fluoridation, must not be allowed to sicken and kill any more of us. Take action to demand that the Trump White House make good on its promise to appoint Robert F. Kennedy Jr as the head of a commission of vaccine safety and efficacy and then end all vaccine mandates by clicking here: http://TinyURL.com/VaccinePolicy.  And tell your friends and contacts how important it is that they do the same!

You have the universal right to Informed Consent — when you express your refusal to accept any medical intervention, including fluoride and vaccines. If you fail to speak out to assert your right, you will be subjected to mandated drugging and all the evil that entails. Choose now. Act now.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

* http://fluoridealert.org/content/europe-statements/

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