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Health Consultant Lena Pu: the Wi-Fi Threat

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 4/23/17

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Lena Pu

Environmental Health Consultant Lena Pu (www.nacst.org) got interested in the effects of Wi-Fi, microwave radiation, and now millimeter wave radiation, as a concerned mother who did not want the health of her children compromised by an industrial and government policy to put Wi-Fi everywhere. She did the in-depth studying to understand the health effects of these forms of radiation, and knew she had to get involved, educating the public, and if possible educating those that are often harder to reach, in positions of control on school boards and in state and federal government. I saw Lena’s testimony before government panels and school boards, and was impressed with her sincerity and depth of knowledge on the issues. I find it very refreshing to witness the combination of technical knowledge and honest care for the welfare of humanity in people like Lena.

We’ve been focusing a lot lately on the vaccine issue, especially the spectre of forced vaccination, which government and it’s corporate partners intend to impose on every one of us. I realized that the rollout of the new 5G worldwide network, which is beginning now without our informed consent, is a lot like forced vaccination, except it’s forcing all of us to get “vaccinated” with these damaging frequencies on a mass scale, not one person at a time as in the case of regular vaccination.

The rollout of 5G is just one more spoke in the wheel of the big picture assault on humanity and the entire biosphere by government and its global corporate partners. Every one of these programs is promoted as a wonderful boon to humanity, and 5G is no exception. Yet, even as the attack on each of us begins with the installation of the infrastructure for this new frequency type, most people don’t even clearly know what 5G is. Time to learn. Lena will help explain it in terms that are easy to understand. I think you’ll find Sunday’s show to be an important educational presentation. I’m looking forward to it with you.

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