Lost Arts Radio Show #138 – Special Guest Dr. Steven Greer (Part 1 of 2)

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Detailed Instructions for ET Contact: Dr. Steven Greer’s Toronto Workshop Speech

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 8/20/17

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Dr. Steven Greer

I was fortunate to meet Dr. Steven Greer (www.siriusdisclosure.com) at a workshop in Joshua Tree Retreat Center earlier this year. I have heard many of his lectures on YouTube, as well as reading his book and seeing the documentaries he produced. I see Dr. Greer’s work as very important to humanity at this time. Early in his life, Dr. Greer had a near death experience as well as several ET contacts, and these experiences dramatically affected his life and view of reality, as you may imagine.

On the Saturday show, we have started to get into deeper aspects of consciousness and the environment around us that is beyond our usual perception, but which is just part of our normal scope of experience that we have forgotten, and can have again. Most of the discussion related to beings around us that we do not see, has been about beings (I call them people) on frequencies faster than the one we call reality. They are mostly not ET’s, they belong to other dimensions. Dr. Greer is aware of them too, but has put a lot of emphasis in his own work on ET’s (extraterrestrials, physical beings not from our particular planet). He has had numerous contacts and direct communications with ET’s, but even more important, he has been able to successfully teach others how to initiate this kind of contact by themselves or in small groups of friends with the same interest.

Extensive video documentation now exists of these contacts, and the skill of communicating with ET’s is being practiced and taught on a large scale worldwide. This is far beyond just a subject of curiosity, it is directly related to the chances of avoiding the annihilation of life on Earth, which our global rulers are trying to bring about. Dr. Greer and those who have successfully followed his contact protocols, have confirmed that the real ET contacts that have occurred are all friendly. Reports of aggressive and malicious ET’s, abductions, mutilations and other unfriendly ET behavior, have all been traceable to what Dr. Greer calls the intelligence community, as part of a decades-long program to make humans fear ET’s, in preparation for a false flag “alien invasion,” which will provide the excuse to finally dismantle national sovereignty and what remains of individual rights and freedoms.

Such a false flag operation has been prepared since the 1950’s, and is capable of being launched now at any time. Gravity control, the ability to fly fake ET craft made on Earth, manned by synthetic “aliens,” these are all ready to go. Millions of friendly ET contacts around the world, initiated by people of all countries on their own, too numerous to suppress, could ruin the necessary climate of fear that would precede the alien invasion false flag. This is what makes Dr. Greer’s work so urgent, and why our show on Sunday, August 20th will feature his very recent workshop speech in Ontario, Canada, and commentary by me on each half of the talk. Since the original presentation was over four hours long, and we are playing almost all of it for you on the show, we will finish it up in a special Monday night show, same time as the regular Lost Arts Shows, so that you’ll also get to hear Dr. Greer lead a meditation that sets the tone for successful contact. Hopefully this will inspire you to join in the important work Dr. Greer is teaching. Anything we can do to help avoid and reverse the future our rulers are pushing us into, seems well worth the effort to me. This is work that can be combined with the receiving and transmitting work I have been talking about on recent shows.

As I mentioned, I will also give you my commentary on both sections, Sunday and Monday nights, before and after we hear from Dr. Greer each night. I hope you’ll find what he shares to be as important and valuable as I do. I look forward to sharing it with you.

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