Lost Arts Radio Show #139 – Special Guest Dr. Steven Greer (Part 2 of 2)

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Detailed Instructions for ET Contact: Part Two of Dr. Steven Greer’s Toronto Workshop Speech

Lost Arts Radio Show on Monday 8/21/17

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Dr. Steven Greer

Monday is a special show, with Part Two of Dr. Steven Greer’s (www.siriusdisclosure.com) recent talk in Toronto, Canada, and this is the part that also contains his guided meditation to settle the mind and set the stage for a successful contact experience. We have never extended the Lost Arts Radio Sunday show over to an extra day, but I felt it was important to share with you this part of Dr. Greer’s presentation. That is because this is not just for entertainment, it is an introduction to some powerful practical tools. More than the details of how the contact is initiated, it is an explanation of the attitude required to have the experience that people are trying to get.

We are being trained by media, Hollywood, government authorities, and many parts of the “UFO community,” to think of at least some of the ET’s as scary and evil. That goes together very well with thousands of years of training given by the religious authorities that anything unknown is occult (closed) and therefore evil and terrifying. As Dr. Greer and others with extensive real ET contact have confirmed, the ET’s are not the threat in contact between species. We are. The US military has been used by the covert global government to shoot down numerous ET craft and murder the occupants. In spite of massive technological superiority, the ET’s have remained peaceful, and allowed themselves to be murdered rather than harming us. It’s not like we saw in Indepedence Day. Humans are far behind the curve in character, maturity, and spiritual growth. Now it’s time for us to catch up, not only to peacefully initiate contact with ET visitors who are here to help us, but because these characteristics most likely offer us the best chance to overcome and reverse the pure malice of our global leaders who are far along with their plans for our demise. I don’t think we’re going to solve that problem with any kind of aggressive force. But we could do it if we regain our former capabilities through real spiritual awakening. At the top levels of power, they know this, and it is why they will shut us down at any cost to prevent our becoming truly self-aware. Those abilities we used to have, have been forgotten but not lost, and they still lie dormant in every one of us, waiting for us to wake up.

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